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Left luggage at Euston Station, London

Euston is among the busiest stations in London, serving over 71 million people each year. There is no comfort in wheeling your luggage from one place to another with such an amount of people, especially if you want to visit the city a bit before leaving. With this post, you can find the best left luggage solutions at Euston Station.

London is such a big city, so get ready to waste a lot of time! How? Well, it’s not hard to imagine. Long queues at the airport to let staff check your passport and before taking the coach to the city; endless minutes spent on the subway. Do you need coffee? Ok, go into your favorite cafe but guess what? You’ll have to wait! Doesn’t it sound stressful?

Store your bags in Euston Station | Useful tips

Imagine you need a left luggage option by Euston Station because your hotel is right in the neighborhood or your train will depart from there. Probably, the first thing that comes to your mind is: can I store my luggage at Euston Station or are there luggage storage places near me?

We regret to tell you that Euston Station has no self-service lockers! What? Yes, it’s true, sometimes this world is cruel, but it’s equally true that there is a solution for everything! Although Euston Station provides no lockers, you’ll find other facilities! Oh, thank God! The first good news of this post (Psst. Don’t worry, keep reading, we have lots of good news for you!)

Should I use it or should I go?

When it comes to left luggage near Euston Station, the British people would immediately think of Excess Baggage. This company operates many facilities near the major London stations but (there’s always a but) it’s not a good solution.

Why not? Well, first of all, it’s not that cheap and convenient. Its rates are quite high, and get ready to stand in line for a long time! OK, maybe you’re ready to spend your money as long as it gives you a useful service. To be honest, you can risk not being able to store anything because it’s full.

Left luggage at Euston Station | The best luggage storage locations near Euston

luggage storage euston station: store your bags in LondonAs promised, we have a solution for you! It’s a service that you can use everywhere, and that has several luggage storage options right by Euston Station (and many other stations in London). Its name is Radical Storage.

With this service, you won’t waste your time! Why? Because there are no queues at our points! How is this possible? Well, Radical Storage has a lot of partners throughout London, close to major hubs and popular attractions.

Euston left luggage cost

Here is wonderful news for all travelers! With Radical Storage, you can store your luggage near Euston Station by paying only £5 per day and per bag! No extra charge for storing extra-large luggage. No hourly rates!

You can find a Radical Storage agent (Angel) everywhere! Maybe one of our Angel can be right near you or can be the cafe where you’re having breakfast.

How to find the Angels? Nothing easier! One solution is to check the following list and see if an Angel meets your needs.

Left luggage Euston | How to book it?

Have you found the right place for you? Great! Now we want to tell you how to book it.

Reserving a safe place for your bags is a piece of cake.

  1. Enter the website or search for your left luggage location through the app
  2. Enable geolocation and find the left luggage locations in the area
  3. Click on “Book Now”
  4. Get the address and other details about our Angel
    Our service works like Airbnb, so you’ll view the storage place’s full address only after booking.

    And there’s more! After the payment, check the booking receipt and discover all the offers in store for you! You may find special discounts on products and services, cheap tours, or totally free audio guides!

    Explore Euston Station in London

    Euston Station information: get to know one of the major London's hubsEuston is a major railway and underground station in the City. Statistics show it’s the sixth busiest station and the busiest passenger route in Britain. From this station, you can reach popular destinations, like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham.

    Euston Underground is served by the Victoria and the Northern line. You can get to the station by bike, bus, tram, taxi and, of course, metro.

    Euston Station map

    Getting around Euston station can be difficult, especially if this is your first time in London. Don’t worry, here you’ll find a very convenient map that you can consult as often as you like.

    Euston Station shops

    Are you about to leave London and want to get last-minute shopping? Want to buy a gift but don’t have much time? There’s a good range of shops and eateries in Euston station (and in the immediate vicinity).

    For example, M&S Food is the perfect place to finalize your purchases. Also, near the metro station, there’s a large Sainsbury’s Local.
    Moreover, if you have a few hours, you can reach the nearby St. Pancras Station, which hosts several clothing stores.

    Euston Station restaurants nearby

    Do you want to eat something before you leave? Give yourself a delicious treat at one of the restaurants near Euston Station. The options are endless, from fast food to oriental restaurants and traditional or Italian cafes.

    Please note: Due to the spread of COVID-19, some stations have now been closed for public safety. Ticket Offices may also have reduced operating hours. For information, please see
    the official Nationalrail website.

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