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Book your safe left luggage by Victoria Station for £5 per day

If your hotel doesn’t allow early check-in or if you have just left your room and want to take a little walk before departure, why don’t you try our left luggage solutions near Victoria Station?

Victoria Station is a nerve centre for the city and connects London with the maritime towns of southern England and other European cities. Many shuttles that connect London with Gatwick, Heathrow, and Stansted arrive and depart here.

Therefore, Victoria Station can be considered as London’s gateway. So this is where you’ll probably arrive and depart (especially if you travel by plane).

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Left luggage Victoria Station | Opening hours

Several of our luggage storage places are open 24/7, so you can take it easy!

Get rid of your bags and explore the surrounding area hassle-free. You can have a snack in a restaurant or a cup of good coffee at the nearest Starbucks. You can also leave your backpack and go to a concert or football match. In short, you can use our service as you wish!

Check out the London Victoria Station map and discover all the services available.

Left luggage Victoria Station | Updates about COVID-19 pandemic

Radical Storage works hard to make your experience safe. However, before using our services, we suggest you check the government page for updates on the situation.

Luggage Storage London Victoria | How to reserve a safe place for your bags

luggage storage victoria station: handy app
Booking luggage storage at London Victoria Station with Radical Storage is a piece of cake!

  1. Luggage storage app – You can download the Radical – Luggage Storage app and book in no less than no time. Thanks to this app (available for iOS and Android), you can view your nearest storage in seconds. In addition, having this app on your mobile phone will allow you to find a safe and cheap left luggage option anywhere!
  2. Don’t have enough memory on your phone? Don’t worry. You can use the website too! Enable the geolocation system on your device. We will show you the nearest providers. Alternatively, you can also enter an address manually.

Left luggage Victoria Station | Get to know us

In many London stations (including Charing Cross, Euston, Liverpool Street, Paddington, St. Pancras, and Victoria) there are internal luggage storage facilities. However, these services can be expensive if you have more than one piece of luggage and many hours before your flight. However, you can also find a more convenient solution without sacrificing quality and safety.

We know how important it is to save money, especially during a trip, which is why we suggest you rely on Radical Storage. With this system, you can pre-book a left luggage facility near Victoria Station and get rid of your stuff for as long as you want at a fixed price.

Left luggage Victoria Station | Pricing details and other advantages

Radical Storage will save your day and make your travel experience more pleasant. Thanks to this service, you will:

  • Find storage solutions in every neighborhood of London
  • Pay only £5 per piece of luggage and per day
  • Be sure to avoid all the extra costs
  • Get a guarantee on each item left with us
  • Have the possibility to leave bags of different sizes (No restrictions applied)
  • Take advantage of a contactless service
  • Store your bags in verified local companies, such as restaurants, hotels, offices and covenience stores

The 5 best things to do near Victoria Station, London | Ideal if you don’t have so much time

things to do in london victoria: lovely attractionsBasing yourself at Victoria Station is a great option to have access to a wide spread of London’s best monuments, museums, and historic buildings. Moreover, with fast connections to airports and tube lines, Victoria Station links you to every side of the capital.

The station offers travelers numerous facilities (including bicycle parking), ticket machines, and shopping outlets. Here, you can also buy your Oyster card to get around London without spending a fortune.

A little bit of background about the station

Before we start telling you the neighborhood’s best attractions, it makes sense to introduce this strategic hub’s identity.

As stated on NetworkRail’s website, “Victoria is two stations in one”. When it was opened in 1862, in fact, it was divided into two parts. The western one was managed by LBSCR, while the eastern one by LCDR. Each side of the station had its own entrance, employees, and a partition wall.

After a long time and several societal changes, The Southern Railway company became the only owner of both the stations. In 1923 the company started to integrate the two stations, opening up archways in the party walls.

History aside, we want to recommend 5 things to do around Victoria Station that won’t take you long. You’ve probably already visited places like Buckingham Palace and various museums, so we want to give you a chance to enjoy those hours off before you go to the airport.

Discover the beautiful Pimlico

london's streets: tourPimlico is an underrated district that should definitely be visited at least once.
In fact, besides being one of the oldest districts in London, this lovely residential area can be the ideal place for those who love photography.

You can start your tour with a coffee in one of the local cafes and, if it’s not raining, get lost in its narrow streets.
You’ll love the houses with ivy, colorful doors, and small flower gardens with giant cats resting. Don’t forget to dress cool, because these places could be the perfect set of your best photos!

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can easily reach Vauxhall Bridge and enjoy a walk along the Thames from Pimlico. Besides, Pimlico is also just a few minutes away from Tate Britain.

Do you love markets? Then don’t forget to drop by the Tachbrook Street Market and try a hot falafel!

Left luggage Pimlico

Take advantage of our luggage storage in the Pimlico Area. It’s open every day till 23:00!

Take a nap in St James’s Park

st regents park: viewSt. James’s Park is located northeast of Victoria Station and is within walking distance of Big Ben and Westminster Bridge. It’s a 23-hectare park considered the oldest of the royal parks.

This fairy green space boasts a lake with two islands: Duck Island and West Island. In Spring, it shows all its beauty, being full of flowerbeds and squirrels looking for food. St James’s Park is perfect if you are traveling with children or if you want to rest a bit before you leave.

You can also take Constitution Hill to Wellington Arch, the gateway to the giant Hyde Park. Moreover, near Wellington Arch, you’ll find the Hyde Park Corner underground station.

Don’t miss Westminster Cathedral

westminster church: facadeFirst of all, we want to dispel false myths about this monumental church.

Many tourists give up visiting Westminster Cathedral because they think they need to buy tickets for it. It’s false! You can visit this magnificent Catholic church without booking and for free.

A lot of people think that Westminster Church and Westminster Abbey are the same building. No, they are two separate buildings. Besides, to enter the Abbey, you’ll have to buy a ticket, and it’s not that cheap!
From Victoria Station, reaching Westminster is a breeze. It only takes 5 minutes on foot (It’s convenient, isn’t it?).

Update your wardrobe

shopping in london: near victoria stationVictoria Station’s west area is perfect if you want to go for a shopping spree.
Towards Sloane Square Station, you’ll find the Duke of York Square and several clothing stores (including Zara).
If you head to Belgravia and go a little further, you’ll find the famous Harrods stores. This place should definitely be visited if you are in town during Christmas time. You can admire beautiful decorations and immerse yourself in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Choose your favourite restaurants

restaurants in london: near victoria stationOnce you’ve got rid of your bags with our left luggage in Victoria Station, you might want to find a good restaurant to eat a hot meal before you start your last London tour.
Well, there are restaurants around Victoria Station for every taste and need. From simple, fast food to ethnic restaurants and from traditional pubs to Italian restaurants.

We have found a very useful guide to find the place for you.

However, if you do not have much time, we recommend you to go to the Bus Station area (this solution is ideal if you booked our Victoria Coach Station luggage storage). Here you’ll find many cafes, where you can also have lunch or dinner quickly.
Almost all the cafes offer vegan, vegetarian, celiac, and lactose intolerant options.

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