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Left luggage London Bridge | Great options to lighten up your vacation

Kickoff your last day in London with a safe and comfortable left luggage solution near London Bridge.

In this post, you’ll get to know the most recommended luggage storage locations near London Bridge, how to reach them, how much do they cost.

We’ll also tell you which are the neighborhood’s greatest attractions to make your day even more pleasant!
left luggage

Best left luggage services.

Let us introduce you to the most convenient luggage storage facility near London Bridge and throughout London.

Leaving your bags is much more convenient with our amazing app!

Let us give you some good reasons to use our left luggage service (this is both a long and short term service):

  • all the storage locations are verified and secure;
  • our partners follow all the rules to prevent the spread of covid-19 pandemic;
  • there are no queues;
  • your luggage will be placed in a dry and clean room;
  • you can contact our customer service (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Left luggage London Bridge | Fixed-price

luggage storage london bridge: book it now
This service is much safer than the one offered by London Bridge station luggage lockers because it’s run by real staff and has a much affordable rate.

Storing your bags with the Excess baggage company will cost you £7.50 up to 3 hours, while with Radical Storage, you’ll pay just £5 per day/bag at no extra costs!

Moreover, Radical doesn’t apply size or weight restrictions! This means that if you want to store XXL luggage, you won’t pay more.

But that’s not all. You won’t have to queue up before storing your bags, and you won’t risk finding a fully booked service.

Here are all the top-rated left luggage options near London Bridge:

Left luggage London Bridge | How to book with Radical Storage

Reserving a safe place for your bags with Radical Storage is very easy. You only need an internet connection, a phone, or a tablet.

Open the app or the website and enable geolocation tracking. The platform will show you all the nearby left luggage facilities. If you don’t want to search through geolocation, you can type an address by yourself.

Since the system works just like Airbnb, you won’t see our partner’s full address before booking.

Remember that you can find our storage facilities at restaurants, cafes, hotels, convenience stores.

Luggage storage near London Bridge | We’ll make your day lighter

Probably, you have always dreamed of a service like this, but you never thought it really existed. Now that you know it exists and is within everyone’s reach, you can use it wherever you are.

Imagine how pleasant it’ll be to spend a few hours shopping without luggage or visiting the city a little bit more before taking the shuttle back to the airport.

Think also about stopovers. Now you can spend the hours before the next flight/train as a tourist! Getting rid of your luggage will make life much easier again!

As promised, we’ll talk now about the best attractions in the London Bridge area. Following this short guide, we’re sure you’ll make the most of your day!

4 attractions near London Bridge

Many people confuse London Bridge with Tower Bridge. Despite being very close, they are two different bridges.

However, London Bridge is located in an area of the city chock-full of monuments and other attractions. Let’s discover them all!
shard london: attractions not to be missed

  • 1. The Shard | This 72-storey skyscraper is Renzo Piano’s masterpiece and the tallest building in Great Britain.
  • 2. Borough Market| Borough Market is a retail market hall 360 meters far from London Bridge. We invite you to read the updates on the official website.
  • 3. Tower Bridge | This suspension bridge is relatively recent. In fact, it was built in the late nineteenth century and has become an icon of the city.
  • 4. St. Paul’s Cathedral | For centuries, St. Paul’s Cathedral has been a star attraction in London and the muse of filmmakers worldwide.
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