Бронируй сейчас свою камеру хранения в Ибица на Radical Storage, первой сети хранения багажа.

€ 5 сумка/день
€ 5 сумка/день
Камера хранения Порт Ибицы

Камера хранения Порт Ибицы

область Порт Ибицы

400 метров от Порта Ибицы
550 метров от Castell d'Eivissa

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Useful luggage storage in Ibiza

You only have a few hours before your flight, but you want to explore Ibiza some more? Did you arrive too early and your hotel room is not ready yet? Whatever it is, you don’t have to worry about your heavy suitcases anymore because our reliable service can take care of them for you. This service is called Radical and it’s a luggage storage network located all over the world. Our partners that we call Angels are local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, groceries, etc. that have empty spaces inside their facilities where they can store your valuables safely.

We are everywhere!

All our luggage storage locations are strategic and close to popular attractions and main transit nodes. For instance, we have a luggage storage office near the Ibiza Port so you can store your belongings and explore the shore. Both the online process and check-in/check-out are quick so you don’t have to waste a second! Our Angels will be ready to welcome you and they can even suggest a few tips so you don’t miss anything while you’re in Ibiza. Our daily fixed rate is only €5 per piece of luggage so what are you waiting for?

Ibiza Old Town

Ibiza is a resort town, the perfect destination for an exciting vacation. However, it offers much more than that and has loads of things to do! Dalt Vila is a fortified hilltop which can be accessed on foot. You will find magnificent mansions and a beautiful cathedral. You can also find great restaurants where you can expand your palate or cozy cafes to rest a bit before your next stop. No trip to Ibiza can’t end without a visit to one of its sandy beaches. The most popular one is the Platja de Ses Salines so make sure you go before heading back home.

Vibrant nightlife

Ibiza is fun during the day but nighttime is wild! Have fun dancing at the disco or visit one of the many nightclubs in the neighborhood. There is, however, a topic that brings thousands of people to Ibiza: exciting events throughout the year like the Ibiza Music Festival. They feature popular DJs such as David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Calvin Harris! Make sure to do your research to learn more about each event and pick your best summer outfit! If you want to “Dress to impress,” make sure you bring plenty of options. Radical will take care of the ones that didn’t make the cut!