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Left luggage in London | Practical tips 2021

There are circumstances in which you may need left luggage in London, which is why we’re here to help you!

Luggage storage in London might come in handy if you’ve arrived in the city at dawn and your accommodation doesn’t let you check in until midday. Likewise, you may need it if you checked out of your hotel very early and have a train or plane late in the evening. Some tourists only plan to visit the city for a few hours if they have a long layover.

TIPS: Find the perfect place to store luggage and choose between more than 100 locations throughout London!

In all these situations, you can choose to store your bags in safe places around London at an affordable price.

London isn’t an easy city. Long waits on the subway, people everywhere and so many things to see require lightheartedness.

Don’t let heavy luggage ruin your days, find out where to leave it now!

Left luggage in London | The most affordable solutions

Storing your bags in London is straightforward with fixed-rate services. With them, you’ll be able to get rid of all kinds of items for the whole day, without worrying about time. Also, many facilities are open 24/7. It’s cool, isn’t it?

Among the various companies that offer this service, we recommend Radical Storage, a secure, reliable platform with the best price.

left luggage in rome

Look for our Angels: stores, restaurants, hotels, offices that have joined our network.

They provide users with safe and supervised spaces within their premises and take care of your luggage for as long as they want.

Not all local businesses can turn into Angels, we only choose the best!

Find here the most recommended luggage storage solutions in London

We’ve divided this list by places of interest so you can make your choice faster.

Luggage storage London Euston

Want to get around London by tube or bus? Get an Oyster Card.

Luggage storage London Victoria Station

Find more information and updates about Victoria Train Station visiting the official NetworkRail website.

Left luggage in London Bridge

Left luggage in London Waterloo

Luggage storage London Covent Garden


Luggage storage London: advantagesPrice and convenience aren’t the only features of this storage service. With Radical Storage, the advantages are endless!

  • No queues: we’re not like traditional left luggage, you won’t have to stand in line before leaving your stuff. You’ll be able to go directly to the check-in desk and talk to our Angel.
  • There are no extra charges: if you have very bulky luggage, we won’t charge you more. Our rate is fixed.
  • No weight or size limits: there are no restrictions. You can store different types of luggage, including camping backpacks and bicycle cases.
  • Early booking: no cash payment! Book through the website or app and drop off your suitcase.
  • Contactless check-in and check-out: we care about your health and safety, so you won’t have to touch anything.
  • 24/7 customer support: reach out to us through the live chat or send us an email as soon as you can.
  • Special discounts: Check in the booking confirmation if our partner has offers in store for you!

Luggage storage app

You can book your favorite Angel either through our desktop platform or the dedicated app.

With the Radical Storage app, finding your nearest luggage storage facility is a breeze!

How many times have you searched for “luggage storage near me” on various search engines without obtaining what you really needed?

Thanks to Radical Storage, it’ll only take a few seconds to get back to visiting London hands-free.
google play: Radical Storage appapp store: download radical storage

Other left luggage locations in London

London left luggage: book now your safe placeThe widespread presence of our partners will allow you to find deposits everywhere. For example, we are also in the area of King’s Cross Railway Station and St. Pancras International.

We suggest some of our most popular partners in these two stations:

For more information, you can read our dedicated articles.

Storage locations close to the main monuments and attractions

Wenstmister Abbey

Before you leave, you can’t forget to visit Westminster Abbey. This stunning Gothic-style cathedral is west of Westminster’s Palace, not far from Big Ben and St. James’s Park Metro Station.

Visit it luggage-free thanks to our partner.

Tower Bridge

Often confused with London Bridge, Tower Bridge is one of England’s most famous landmarks. Who hasn’t taken a picture here? This combined bascule and suspension bridge was built in the late 1800s and has become a world-famous symbol of the city.

Plan your visit and store your bags with our partner is open 24/7.

Notthing Hill

Who hasn’t watched Notting Hill at least once? A vacation in London isn’t complete without a visit to the neighborhood that inspired this movie!

To make your visit even more enjoyable, you can leave your bags at our Angel in the area.

Other tips

There are also other options for luggage storage in London with hourly rates (Excess Baggage is one of them). However, the rates for this service are quite high. Leaving a piece of luggage for 3 hours will cost you £7.50.

We don’t recommend using London’s luggage lockers because they are often full or out of service.

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