Find Your Way In and Out of Rome’s Fiumicino Airport

When planning a trip to Rome, don’t forget transportation options for Rome’s Fiumicino Airport. Despite being close to the city, Rome’s major airport is not as simple to get to or leave from the center of the city. If you fail to plan, you could find yourself lost or paying way too much to get where you need to. Check out these options to help you when getting to Fiumicino Airport or getting from Fiumicino Airport to the center of the city.

Bus Service

If you’re on a shoestring budget, the best option may be choosing a bus service or regular city bus to get to and from the airport. Buses are convenient and plentiful, but they can also be crowded and hard to navigate. A bus service may also be less convenient if you have multiple pieces of luggage or children in your party. You can choose a specialized airport bus for direct service, or find the local bus stop near the airport.

Train Options

An upgrade on a bus experience would be to choose a direct train to and from the airport to Rome. Train tickets can be purchased within the city or at the airport terminal for a nominal fee. Most kiosks also give you the option to buy your ticket in English, or you can visit the desk for help from a representative.


Next, you may want to consider hiring a taxi for your journey. Once you arrive, simply step outside at the convenient airport taxi stand to get transportation. Be sure to agree to a price before you get into the car so there are no surprises. Some Roman taxi drivers take advantage of uninformed tourists and charge abnormally high fees.

Private Cars

Finally, the last way to get to and from the airport is to hire your own private car. This can be the most convenient way but also the most expensive.

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