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Discover the Beauty of Rome Without Dragging Your Suitcase Behind You

Rome is one of the must-see cities of Europe everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. If you get an opportunity to tour this incredible city, you’ll need to plan ahead and store luggage in Rome so you don’t have to worry about dragging heavy suitcases along the ancient cobblestone streets.

Finding a quick and convenient storage option makes the most sense if you have multiple pieces of luggage or one heavy bag. You can get advice and locations by relying on luggage storage service Radical Storage, which gives tourists plenty of options to choose from in Rome.  

At the Airport

The first place where many travelers look to store luggage is right in the airport once they arrive at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport. Once you arrive, make your way to Terminal 3 in the international arrivals area. The luggage area is open for storage from 6:30 in the morning until 11:30 at night. You’ll pay a nominal fee to leave your bags here.

Ask Your Hotel

You can also choose to store your bags at your hotel if you aren’t able to check in just yet. Most hotels offer late afternoon check in, which can be a challenge for an early morning arrival into Rome. Simply ask your hotel manager where luggage storage is available. Many hotels offer this service at no charge, but make sure the area is locked up and secure.

Choose a Private Company

Finally, you can also store your luggage in Rome through the use of several private companies that offer this service for a reasonable fee. Many of the storage locations are convenient to different parts of the city allowing you to find a drop off point close your hotel or a major attraction. It’s also recommended to check near Rome’s massive train station, Termini, to find additional luggage storage options.

Make your journey through the city of Rome even more magical by loading your luggage off in a storage area. With Radical Storage’s locations in and around Rome, you can find a spot convenient to you.

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