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Luggage Storage Marsala - Termini

Open 24/7
4.87 (976)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Giolitti / Termini Station

Open 24/7
4.81 (303)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Termini Station

Open 24/7
4.69 (111)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Termini Railway Station

Open 24/7
4.94 (80)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Termini Rome

Open 24/7
4.75 (57)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Roma Termini Railway Station

Open 24/7
4.82 (51)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage near Roma Termini Train Station

Open 24/7
4.89 (44)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Via Del Tritone

Open 24/7
4.68 (41)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Piazza Dei Cinquecento

Open 24/7
4.87 (39)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Piazza Barberini

Open 24/7
4.77 (30)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Rome Termini

Open 24/7
4.84 (25)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Quirinal Palace

Open 24/7
4.88 (24)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Repubblica

Open 24/7
4.91 (22)
/ bag / day

Luggage Storage Gioberti / Termini Station

Open 24/7
4.86 (21)
/ bag / day

Luggage storage in Olympic Stadium With Radical Storage

You have finally arrived in the Eternal City of Rome and, despite there being many different landmarks and beautiful sceneries to see, you just can’t wait to go straight to the Stadio Olimpico and attend the concert of your life or the game that you wanted to watch for so long. However, you just have found out the bag policy of the stadium, which means that you have to find a secure place where you can leave all your bags and belongings so that you can finally enter the stadium and enjoy your night without worries.

The right solution might come just to your rescue with Radical Storage, our luggage storage company that provides many different options for luggage storage near Stadio Olimpico and all across Rome, so that you can find the one perfect for you, book it and in less than a few seconds you can already use it as you want so that the evening is saved and you can finally enjoy your new adventure at the Olimpico.

Is there luggage storage near the Stadio Olimpico in Rome?

Now that you have finally arrived in Rome, you’re just excited to wander around the city, looking for something to do, but at the same time, nothing interests you more than the game or the concert that you have to attend tonight at the Stadio Olimpico. But, in order to finally be free from any worry and just prepare yourself for the night, you have to leave somewhere your heavy bags, so you will be free to shout out at your best.

Luckily, you can find a rightful ally in Radical Storage, our luggage storage company that will allow you to store your bags in safe hands in a secure and convenient luggage storage close to you and be free from any hassle from carrying around your heavy suitcases or bags. In less than a few minutes, you will be able to book it and use it on the go, whenever you want.

Thanks to our great partnerships with local businesses and companies, such as restaurants, bars, cafès, hotels, and many others, we have gathered a great network of luggage storage all across the city of Rome and all over the world, so that we can provide you with the best options in terms of luggage storage and offer you a smooth and spotless service.

Booking some luggage storage near Stadio Olimpico in Rome with Radical Storage

If you have chosen to take advantage of some luggage storage by Radical Storage near the Stadio Olimpico, then you will be glad to know that the process behind the booking is very easy, quick, and super convenient. First, you need to visit the website Radical Storage or even download the app Radical, so that you can start your booking process swiftly.

On the website, you will be able to see the main feature of our website, which is an interactive map that will allow you to find the closest luggage storage to you in a simple way. In fact, you can search your current location or the one that you would like to visit, such as one of the main landmarks of the city or one of the transportation hubs and you will get the list from the website.

Once you have chosen your favorite luggage storage, then you have to simply fill out some needed information, such as the number of hours that you would like to book or the number of pieces of luggage that you would like to store with us. After this last step, you can finally head out to check out and finish your booking, so that you can use on the go the luggage storage and be free to roam as much as you want.

Reasons why you should choose Radical Storage for luggage storage in Rome

There are many different reasons as to why you should choose to book your luggage storage with Radical Storage and these are only a few of the countless ones:

  • User-friendly website - Our website is incredibly easy to navigate so that you can easily understand how it works and book some luggage storage in a matter of 5 minutes.
  • Prime locations - The great selection of luggage storage that our company offers will allow you to always find some luggage storage nearby your location.
  • Speedy service - Thanks to our incredible partners, you won’t have to wait countless hours simply to check in your luggage, because it will take you less than 5 minutes.
  • Flat rate service - You won’t have to fear about the size or the weight of your luggage, since there will be no change in price, thanks to our flat rate.
  • Security coverage - Our service also offers an incredible security coverage, which will allow you to obtain up to 3000 euros.

What to do after booking some luggage storage with Radical Storage?

After booking some luggage storage with Radical Storage, the process is even easier than what can you expect:

  • Add more luggage if you need to store more than one piece of luggage, as much as you desire
  • Read the confirmation e-mail so that you know all the needed information, such as the name of the luggage storage, its opening hours and everything
  • Get accustomed to the area, because it will be easier to find your luggage storage and arrive there bright and early.
  • Give your QR code to the luggage storage Angel, once you will arrive there, so that the check-in can begin
  • Ask any information that you might need, such as closing hours, so that you can leave your luggage and not have to worry about it.

How much does it cost some luggage storage with Radical Storage in Rome?

The best feature of the Radical Storage service is that you will be given a stellar experience, plus all these incredible benefits for a convenient price, which you cannot find again in the market. In fact, you will only pay for some luggage storage in Rome a fixed rate per day/per piece of luggage, without any single added fees for your bags’ size or weight.

Thanks to Radical Storage’s convenient price, you will be able to store your luggage temporarily in a safe and secure space, without anything to worry about, for an affordable price, so that you can continue roaming freely around the city, without the hassle of your luggage.

About the Stadio Olimpico

The Stadio Olimpico in Rome stands as an iconic symbol of Italy's rich sporting history and architectural grandeur. Nestled along the banks of the Tiber River, this majestic stadium serves as the home ground for both Serie A football clubs A.S. Roma and S.S. Lazio, fostering a passionate football culture that permeates throughout the city.

Originally constructed in 1928 and extensively renovated for the 1960 Summer Olympics, the Stadio Olimpico boasts a capacity of over 70,000 spectators, making it one of the largest sports venues in Italy. Its distinctive elliptical design and towering tiers create an imposing presence against the Roman skyline, a testament to the enduring legacy of ancient Roman architecture.

Beyond its role as a football arena, the Stadio Olimpico has witnessed numerous historic events, including memorable matches during the 1990 FIFA World Cup and the 2009 UEFA Champions League Final. Its versatile facilities have also accommodated concerts, rugby matches, and athletic competitions, further solidifying its status as a multifaceted entertainment venue.

For Romans and visitors alike, attending a match at the Stadio Olimpico is an immersive experience, filled with fervent chants, colorful banners, and electrifying moments of sporting excellence. Whether bathed in the golden glow of a summer sunset or illuminated under the floodlights of a night match, the Stadio Olimpico continues to captivate spectators with its timeless charm and enduring legacy.

You can also reach the stadium from any part of the city, such as the main transportation hubs as Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina, so you don’t have to fret about the logistics.

How to arrive to Stadio Olimpico from the Termini Station

Arriving at the Stadio Olimpico from Termini Station, Rome's central transportation hub, is a straightforward journey that offers travelers a glimpse of the city's vibrant atmosphere. From Termini, one can opt for various modes of transportation, each providing its own unique experience.

For those preferring public transit, taking the metro is the most convenient option. From Termini Station, travelers can hop on Line A (direction Battistini) and ride for approximately six stops until reaching the Flaminio station. Exiting the Flaminio station, visitors can then transfer to tram line 2 towards Mancini, which directly connects to the Stadio Olimpico. This route offers a seamless and efficient way to reach the stadium while enjoying scenic views of Rome's bustling streets.

Alternatively, travelers can choose to explore the city on foot or by bicycle, soaking in the sights and sounds along the way. From Termini Station, it's about a 4-kilometer journey to the Stadio Olimpico, which takes roughly 45 minutes on foot. This option allows visitors to leisurely navigate through Rome's historic neighborhoods, passing by iconic landmarks such as Piazza di Spagna and the Vatican City.

No matter the chosen mode of transportation, the journey from Termini Station to the Stadio Olimpico promises to be an enriching experience, offering glimpses of Rome's timeless beauty and vibrant energy along the way.

From the Stadio Olimpico to the Tiburtina Station: how to get there 

Navigating from the Stadio Olimpico to Tiburtina Station in Rome offers travelers various efficient transportation options to reach their destination seamlessly. 

One of the most convenient methods is utilizing the city's comprehensive public transportation network. From the Stadio Olimpico, spectators can board tram line 2 towards Mancini, which directly connects to Flaminio station. At Flaminio station, travelers can transfer to metro Line A (direction Anagnina) and ride for approximately five stops until reaching Termini Station. From Termini, they can then take metro Line B (direction Jonio) for three stops, arriving at Tiburtina Station. This route integrates trams and metros, offering a smooth transition between modes of transport and ensuring a hassle-free journey.

Alternatively, visitors can opt for taxis or ride-sharing services for a more direct and personalized travel experience. Taxis are readily available outside the Stadio Olimpico and offer door-to-door service to Tiburtina Station, providing convenience for those with luggage or seeking a quicker journey.

For the adventurous traveler, exploring the city on foot or by bicycle presents an opportunity to soak in Rome's charm and discover hidden gems along the way. While the distance between the Stadio Olimpico and Tiburtina Station is substantial, walking or cycling allows travelers to immerse themselves in the city's vibrant atmosphere and uncover its treasures at their own pace.

Things to do near the Stadio Olimpico

If you are already in the area of the magnificent Stadio Olimpico and you don’t know what to do, while you are waiting for your game to start, then you shouldn’t worry too much about it, since there are many different activities and places to visit, while you’re here in the area. In fact, you can find all these incredible places in the surrounding area, so you should just enjoy and discover them, little by little:

  • Visit the charming Stadio dei Marmi - If you are looking for something different to visit, during your trip in Rome, near the Stadio Olimpico, then you absolutely need to visit the Stadio dei Marmi, full of charming statues from the Ancient Times that will enchant you and make you feel like going back in time.
  • Admire the Obelisco del Foro Italico - Another incredible landmark that you should be able to visit, while you are in the surrounding area, is the Obelisco del Foro Italico, an astounding memorabilia of the past, which stands in the square and holds such an important place in the history of the Roman culture, so you should at least stop by.

Get to see the Palazzo della Farnesina - Finally, you cannot stop by this area and not pass by the Palazzo della Farnesina, one of the most important buildings in the entire city of Rome, known for its importance politically and culturally-wise.

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very reliable store and friendly staff
Very practical, very safe place to leave your suitcase.
Très pratique, très sécure pour laisser sa valise.
Amazing and friendly staff and service!
Fast and very convenient! Within walking distance of the station. Also the cost absolutely convenient
Veloce e comodissimo! A due passi dalla stazione. Anche il costo assolutamente conveniente
Perfect! Very fast and very comfortable
Perfecto! Muy rápido y muy cómodo
Everything was perfect. Kindness and helpfulness. Thank you
Tutto perfetto. Gentilezza e disponibilità. Grazie
Everything ok. It's a simple processo to leave and then to pick up.
Great location near termini station, fast and accurate service
Posizione ottima vicino alla stazione termini, servizio veloce e preciso
שירות טוב ובטוח, קבלו אותי בסבר פנים, ו
Excelente servicio todo resultó muy bien. Fácil y seguro y muy central
Excelente servicio todo resultó muy bien. Fácil y seguro y muy central
Impeccable, fast and friendly service. I recommend
Service impeccable, rapide et aimable. Je recommande
Perfect: efficient, accommodating, friendly
Parfait : efficace, arrangeant, aimable
Great facility - so easy and very fair price
They were open late to accept our luggage and super quick at returning it! Very easy & would use them again!
Easy to find , good price . Everything as expected
Very easy solution and people there were friendly and helpful. A 3 min walk from Brighton station. It is up the hill and a right turn. Will definitely use again.
Quick and careful in Check-in and Check-out
Rapidi e attenti nel Check-in e Check-out
The girl was very friendly and helpful. It is a good place to leave the suitcases
La chica muy amable y servicial. Es un buen lugar para dejar las maletas
Superb, lovely staff at the hotel, very impressive, thanks
Very nice contact person. Everything worked out perfectly.
Sehr nette Kontaktperson. Alles hat perfekt geklappt.
Thousands of travelers book our luggage storage every day
Thousands of travelers book our luggage storage every day
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3 Mln+ Suitcases carefully stored
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100% Secure
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7000+ Bag guardians worldwide
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24/7 Instant support
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24/7 Instant support
24/7 instant support
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7 million bags stored
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7,000+ locations worldwide
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