Бронируй сейчас свою камеру хранения в Тенерифе на Radical Storage, первой сети хранения багажа.

€ 5 сумка/день
€ 5 сумка/день
Камера хранения Пуэрто Лос Кристианос

Камера хранения Пуэрто Лос Кристианос

область Лос Кристианос

250 метров от Плайя-де-лас-Вистас
300 метров от Плайя-де-лос-Кристианос

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Finding a secure luggage storage in Tenerife

Radical is a worldwide luggage storage network that has Angels all across the globe. What exactly is an Angel? It’s a local business that had empty space inside their establishment and turned it into a safe deposit for your personal belongings. Each partner is thoroughly checked and verified because we have be sure they can provide users the very best!

Great quality with competitive prices!

Our service is one of a kind, very different from the traditional luggage storage lockers you see in stations. A big difference you will notice is the absence of a queue because our check-in only takes 3 minutes! However, many will argue that the price is the best advantage of our service. We don’t charge an hourly rate but an affordable daily one! Only €5per bag separate you from a stress-free vacation.

Welcome to Paradise!

If you were looking for the perfect beach vacation of your life, picking Tenerife was a smart decision! Famous for its sandy beaches and surrounded by all-inclusive resorts, it attracts over six million visitors a year. However, you can also find natural landscapes that will take your breath away and go hiking through the mountains. One of the most popular ones is the peak of El Teide but make sure the weather is good so you can admire the view.

The perfect touristic spot

If you wanted more than a summer vacation, Tenerife offers a vast list of attractions you can visit and for all tastes! Art lovers will enjoy the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA), a contemporary art gallery that showcases pieces of art and photography. There is also a Botanical Garden and the Museum of Nature and Humankind, 2 perfect places for an educational family trip. Not to mention all the delicious food you can try and the many stores and boutiques you can find!