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    Stress less with Radical

    After all the excitement of planning your trip, travelling and getting ready to go sightseeing, the last thing you want to worry about is toting your suitcases around the streets of Helsinki. Finding secure luggage storage options in Helsinki might seem like a headache, but with Radical, you can book online and feel confident that when you pick up your bags, they will be in the exact same condition you left them. So take your time. Enjoy the unique treasures you can discover in Helsinki. Our Angels will store your bags in a secure room until you’re ready to pick them up. You might think a service like that must cost a fortune, but you are wrong! With only €5 per day and per bag, you can store your burdens and discover the city hand-free.

    The advantage of Radical

    Most flights and trains arrive early in the morning making it almost impossible to find a room with an early check-in which means you will be most likely stuck dragging your suitcases until noon. Radical has the solution for your suitcases! Instead of dragging your bags until your room is ready, use our service. Radical luggage storage options in Helsinki are near many locations of interest including the Helsinki Central Station, the Ferry Terminal and attractions such as the art gallery, parks, and shopping. When you don’t want to be tired from carrying your bags all day or stressed wondering if they’re in a secure location where your valuables won’t be disturbed, you can count on Radical, where the condition of your bags is guaranteed.

    Things to do in Helsinki

    Helsinki, capital of Finland, has a lot to offer to its inhabitants and its tourists. If you are in the city for a few days, we recommend you visit the Suomenlinna, a UNESCO site. The Suomenlinna is an old sea fortress dating from the 18th century. It is surrounded with and defensive walls who are spread across six linked islands. Visitors can have access to this park where they can enjoy the walking trails and popular sights such as the King’s Gate drawbridge and Suomenlinna Museum. If you love visiting museums, Helsinki has several free entry museums made for travelers on a tight budget! Here are a few: Helsinki City Museum, Tram Museum, Burgher’s House Museum and many others..

    Kamppi neighborhood and its surroundings

    If you are visiting Helsinki, you probably already know about Kamppi neighborhood. If not, this paragraph might be handy. Kamppi is a hip neighborhood with trendy cafés, vintage boutiques, hidden shops, famous korvapuusti (cinnamon rolls)pastry shops, art galleries and more. If you are in the neighborhood, make sure you visit the Amos Rex museums, the HAM Helsinki Art Museum which has over 9,000 works of art and the Kamppi Chapel with its minimalist wooden interior, built for silent reflection. The city of Helsinki has a lot of festivals throughout the year, but the Flow Festival is one of the most famous one across Europe. There’s also the Sideways Festival and the Tuska who attract a lot of visitors. If you are visiting Kamppi, make sure to reserve our Angel to avoid missing out on all those attractions.