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Budapest Tours

Self-guided sightseeing tour of Budapest

What better way to enjoy the beauty and majesty of Budapest than on a self-guided tour? No other tour offers such a variety of sightseeing places in the city.



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Walking Tours Budapest

Why spend hours wandering aimlessly when professionally guided walking tours of Budapest can get you to all the famous sites and many of the hidden gems? We provide many tour options available in Budapest.

Budapest is a city with many important historical sights that you can easily explore on our walking tours. You will be able to learn about the city’s history and culture as you stroll through its streets at your pace.

One of the most attractive European capitals, Budapest sits on the banks of the Danube river. Its bridges, 19th-century boulevards, and vintage buildings create a unique charm and atmosphere. It is considered one of Europe's most captivating cities with a vibrant culture, ancient architecture, and centuries of rich history.

Visit scenic locations such as the Parliament Building or Fisherman's Bastion. Or go off the beaten path and discover the historic public baths or hidden thermal springs. With so much to see and so much variety, you're sure to have the perfect day trip on our walking tours.


Do you want to see the coolest places in the city but don’t have the time for a proper sightseeing tour? Our self-guided tour of Budapest is the best option. It allows you to get a real taste of the city and discover everything on your own.

Download the app, choose between different locations or create your customized route, and let it guide you through the beautiful streets of one of Europe's most important cities. Unusual sights, history about the most beautiful landmarks, and fascinating facts await you on this self-guided tour.

We made this tour as smooth as possible so that you can focus entirely on sightseeing. Our app combines high-quality audio descriptions with a complete offline map and countless tips and suggestions on busses and trams to facilitate your way around Budapest.

Get an insider’s look at the beautiful Hungarian capital creating the tour at your leisure.

Budapest walking tours include:

  • High-quality digital audio guides to more than 100 of Budapest’s famous sites and attractions.
  • Different tour routes (including walking and bicycle routes).
  • Suggestions on public transport (including exchange stations).
  • Spots with free WIFI connection and charging points.
  • Not included:

  • transfer;
  • admission tickets to attractions and museums;
  • food and beverages;
  • headphones and mobile devices.
  • Supported languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese


    From its food scene, which boasts restaurants from around the world, to its architectural landmarks that highlight the Baroque style, you're sure to have a great time in Budapest. Our guided tours are suitable for small groups, families, or individuals and offer the possibility to craft your walking itineraries according to your preferences.

    Budapest is home to some of Europe's largest and most beautiful Baroque palaces, offering an open-air museum of art and architecture. Stroll along the Danube River, past Parliament, the Royal Palace, and other majestic structures while listening to expert local guides on your smartphone. Discover Budapest's rich history. Learn about the palaces and their secret hidden tunnels. Visit the famous Matthias Church, as well as other landmarks along the way. Step inside one of Hungary's oldest synagogues at Dohany Street Synagogue. Stroll through the former Jewish district with its Gothic facades and magnificent apartments. Cross the famous Chain Bridge and explore the iconic Buda Castle.

    Experience all the best Budapest has to offer at your pace!