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Berlin Tours

Self-guided sightseeing tour of Berlin

Going on holiday to Berlin but don't know where to start? Not sure what places are worth visiting? We've covered all you need to see in our self-guided tour of Berlin.



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Walking Tours Berlin

Wondering where you should go and what you should see when you visit Berlin? Let us help! Our city tours of Berlin will guide you to all of the top attractions. Choose the best route that fits your schedule and enjoy your guided tour!

Our tours are an ideal introduction to the German capital of culture, as we take you through famous landmarks and cultural attractions in Berlin.

What was once the epicenter of a city divided by the Berlin Wall is today one of the most charming destinations in Europe. It's vibrant, diverse, and has a lively nightlife. And it's also a place where many still remember what happened in the past.

Today, Berlin has become an exciting cultural center with great art and music scene. You'll find cultural gems across all the city, a multitude of parks, street art, several lively clubs, and restaurants.

Our tours cover all of the best spots that the city has to offer, from the Brandenburg Gate to the Reichstag and the Holocaust Memorial.

Discover the capital of Germany with its mixture of old and new, classical and modern, traditional and trendy. Have a taste of Berlin's vibrant nightlife, and take a walk in one of its many parks. Explore its medieval part and feel the history that surrounds you! In Berlin, you can have it all.


Experience the German capital like a local and save time with our custom self-guided walking tours of Berlin.

Self-guided tours are perfect for travelers who want to explore a city on their own. It's like doing research on Google without all that annoying clicking and constantly being frustrated because what you found wasn't very helpful. The only thing you should do is download the app, activate your tour, and enjoy your stay!

The app contains perfect audio guides, as well as countless tips, recommendations in order to help you find your best way. We structured our tours so that they are as easy and comfortable as possible. So you can focus your efforts on sightseeing, rather than figuring out which direction to go.

Wander through the streets of this gorgeous metropolis, listen to fascinating stories and explore the city's landmarks, all with a smartphone or tablet as your personal guide.

Berlin tours include:

  • High-quality digital audio guides to more than 100 of Berlin's famous sites and attractions.
  • Different tour routes (including walking and bicycle routes).
  • Tips on public transport.
  • Spots with free WIFI connection, exchange and charging points.
  • Not included:

  • transfer;
  • admission tickets to attractions and museums;
  • food and beverages;
  • headphones and mobile devices.
  • Supported languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian


    We will help you discover Berlin in both an efficient and enjoyable way, providing you with the insider information that you need to make the most of your tour. You can customize your route to your interests and explore Berlin at your pace.

    Step back in time and walk down Berlin's historic streets, shop in trendy boutiques, or visit the Checkpoint Charlie. Take a culture tour, go clubbing or spend hours in art galleries. Whether you're looking for fun and adventure, relaxation, or culture and history, Berlin has something for everyone!