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Amsterdam Tours

Self-guided sightseeing tour of Amsterdam

Our self-guided tour of Amsterdam is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to discover the city at your own pace!



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Walking Tours Amsterdam

Discover Amsterdam's coolest landmarks, top attractions, and hidden gems on one of our tours of Amsterdam.

Join our walking tour of the city, let our local guides show you a side of Amsterdam that only natives can offer you. We don't stop at the main attractions, we take you to hidden spots with charm and flair.

Amsterdam is a unique and absolutely charming city full of canals. It is one of the most famous cities in the world, attracting around 4 million tourists a year from all corners of the globe. Many visitors love the capital of the Netherlands for its unique atmosphere and history. It is a city full of beautiful canals, picturesque houses, charming streets, traditional bars, great shopping areas, and much more. There are also some fascinating museums to explore. The Van Gogh Museum is one of the best in the city. It gives you the possibility to see closer some original works by this artist.

Amsterdam hides many secrets and stories that not everyone knows. To experience its rich history, culture, art, architecture, and nature, you'll need someone who knows the city inside out. Our skillfully guided tours of Amsterdam will take you on unique adventures and guide you to the most exciting attractions.

Tour the city on your own with a self-guided tour, or join us on our guided walking tours of Amsterdam around its most remarkable highlights. Visit the Ann Frank House museum, wander through Dam Square, or explore the lively Jordaan district. Whatever you will choose, our tours have it all.


No one survives a trip abroad without a smartphone. It has become a vital piece of our travel gear. That is why our self-guided tour is the most popular and appreciated.

We can help you explore the charming streets of Amsterdam with a user-friendly app. It makes everything easy and allows you to follow expertly guided tours.

How does it work? It is simple. First, book your self-guided tour of Amsterdam. Then download the Vox City App and access the digital content through your personal QR code. Next, choose your best itinerary, follow along with the app on your phone as you walk through Amsterdam, and tap when you want to hear more about something.

This app allows you to plan and enjoy your walking tour of Amsterdam efficiently. Moreover, the map works offline so that you can visit the most stunning, unique, and unusual places in the city with no internet connection.

It is a simple way for you and your family or friends to experience everything that’s special about this charming city.

Amsterdam tours include:

  • High-quality digital audio guides to more than 100 of Amsterdam's famous sites and attractions.
  • Different tour routes (including walking and bicycles routes).
  • Tips on public transport.
  • Spots with free WIFI connection, charging and exchange points.
  • Not included:

  • transfer;
  • admission tickets to attractions and museums;
  • food and beverages;
  • headphones and mobile devices.
  • Supported languages: English


    Our self-guided walking tours make it easy to customize your itinerary. This way, you can freely explore the most known landmarks and beautiful landscapes in Amsterdam.

    Amsterdam is a historic city that offers more than you might imagine with more than just canals, bicycles, and tulips. It is full of medieval streets, beautiful 19th-century historical buildings, and modern shopping malls.

    Take a walk along the Red Light District, discover the Jewish Quarter, or visit the Royal Palace. There is something for everyone in Amsterdam.

    The experiences that await you are truly unforgettable, so choose your dream tour and enjoy your time to the fullest!