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    If you are looking for a reliable and supervised place to leave your bags or suitcases, don’t waste time, book a Radical now. Radical is everywhere, you just need to enable geolocation to find the point closest to you. When you have too many pieces of luggage and you don’t want to carry them all day, you've found the perfect service! We can relieve you from the burdens of heavy luggage while keeping your belongings in a secure place!

    Finding luggage storage in Versailles

    The battle with suitcases to drag is won! In fact, you can leave them with our partners, reliable Angels who will keep them until you return. Fill out the form, make sure payment and reach your Radical! Don’t forget to keep the receipt that the Angel will give you, it will be necessary to pick up your luggage quickly.

    What do see in Versailles

    Versailles is only 17 kilometers from Paris, so if you're visiting the capital, you can not forget to visit it. Versailles is naturally famous for its Royal Palace, but beyond this famous complex, the French municipality has much more to offer its visitors: monuments, attractions, theaters, shops and restaurants of all kinds.

    The Palace

    The Palace is the main attraction of the small French town and it ’s also called the castle of Versailles. It was built by the young King Louis XIV to get away from Paris and its citizens. The Palace is also renowned for its incredible adjacent park: 815 hectares of beautiful gardens. At the end of the seventies, UNESCO included this architectural complex on the list of world heritage sites.