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    Luggage Storage Oslo

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      Oslo Central Station

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      Oslo Train Station

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      Norwegian Parliament

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      Near Oslo National Theatre

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      Oslo Railway Station

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      Oslo National Museum

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      Grønland Church

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      Storgata / Brugata

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      Near Rockefeller

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    The modern way of storing your luggage

    Are you traveling across Europe with heavy suitcases because you’re going from the warmth of Portugal to the cozy and cool region of Norway? If that’s the case and you’re carrying your whole wardrobe with you, why not store what you don’t need with Radical? If in the contrary you’re traveling light, but your train doesn’t leave until late at night and your hotel doesn’t offer luggage storage, Radical can take care of you at its location near the Oslo Station? But you’re probably wondering what is Radical… Radical is a luggage storage network located all over the world and in Oslo, Norway.

    The price of our luggage storage in Oslo

    The beauty of Radical isn’t only because we’re located all over the world. We also have a competitive price of €5 per bag for the whole day! If you’re worried because your bag is really heavy or oversized, don’t worry, we don’t care about that. As long as you register every bag you want to store, we got your back! Our Angels (that’s how we call our partners) are located inside local businesses and they have decided to turn their empty rooms into luggage storage. All of our Angels have been verified by our team of professionals giving you the peace of mind you need to travel.

    Oslo – Things to do

    If you are traveling in Norway, you’re probably aware are lucky you are, but let us tell you again! There are a lot of things to do in Oslo. If you’re looking comparing hotels price near Nationaltheatret Station, we have a few suggestions of attractions nearby you could visit. On Karl Johans gate (main street), there’s a bit of everything like nightclubs, bars, and cafés in between stores, shopping centres and hotels. It’s a good street to explore at night or to shop for souvenirs. If you are a fan of architecture, you won’t be disappointed in Oslo. The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet is one of many favourites in terms of architecture and offers great shows to its visitors.

    Markets, festivals and more

    When you think of Norway, you think of winter, cold night, snow and Christmas. In fact Oslo has wonderful Christmas markets like the The Christmas Fair at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History. The Fredrikstad’s Old Town decorates for the season and will definitely give you the Christmas spirit. If you’re not in Oslo around Christmas time, don’t worry the Oslo Jazz Festival, in August, offers a wide range of music style from gospel and blues to latin jazz and electronica. If you are traveling with children, the International Museum of Children’s Art will open their eyes on how the world is seen by other children across the world.