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    Make your trip to Hiratsuka hassle-free and easy-going by leaving your bags at one of our verified storage locations. Radical Storage has a large network of secure locations for luggage storage in Hiratsuka where you can drop off your bags whenever you need. We make sure you have a secure and trustworthy place to keep your luggage while you enjoy your vacation.

    For a flat rate of just 5€ per bag per day, without any size or weight restrictions, we take care of your bags. Our booking process is seamless and takes just a few minutes. For your peace of mind, Radical Storage also provides security coverage of up to 3000€.

    About Hiratsuka

    Hiratsuka is a seaside city, located along the bank of Sagami Bay, in the southern region of the Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. The city has a history dating back to the early 1600s when it developed as a post town, then later in 1887 a commercial center was established in the city. It is a small city, spread over an area of 67 square kilometers and with a population of 257,877 residents.

    Hiratsuka gets most of its recognition in Japan for the Shonan Tanabata Festival, which is an annual event attended by thousands of locals and tourists, featuring brightly colored bamboo decorations, lanterns, stalls, and much more. Hiratsuka City is just 1 hour ride from Tokyo and travelers can move between the two cities via Tokyo or Hirtasuka railway stations, both of which are on the JR Tokaido Main Line. The Hiratsuka Station is operated by the East Japan Railway Company and has 2 platforms as well as connections to the city’s bus terminals.

    Tourist attractions in Hiratsuka

    These are some of our top picks for the places you can visit in Hiratsuka:

    Hiratsuka Beach

    Hiratsuka Beach is a lively destination for tourists with its scenic views, trendy beach sports, colorful shops, and clean changing rooms. Another thing that makes this beach a must-see spot for tourists is that it is located next to the Shonan Bellmare Hiratsuka Beach Park, where a lot of festivals take place.

    Sakitori Shrine

    According to Japanese mythology, the Sakitori Shrine is the home of different Gods such as the God of Activity, Learning, Good Fortune, and the God of Fire Protection and Safety. Be sure to pay a visit to this ancient shrine, which is surrounded by beautiful cedar and cherry blossom trees.

    Hiratsuka Musuem of Art

    If you have a keen eye for Japanese art, crafts, and culture, the Hiratsuka Museum of Art is the place for you. The museum features incredible displays of the works of Shonan artists, dating back to the Meiji Era. A collection of 13,000 Japanese artworks and paintings are displayed at the museum.

    Komoyama Park

    Nestled 180 meters above sea level, the Komoyama Park is a famous natural landmark in the Hirtasuka. With its elevated height, it offers 360-degree views of Mount Fuji and the Sagami Bay. There are two observation decks installed in the park where you can admire the stunning views.