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    Luggage Storage Düsseldorf

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      Düsseldorf Train Station

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      10:00 - 19:00
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      Düsseldorf Hbf

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      Oststraße Subway Station

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    Düsseldorf is now part of the Radical network

    Heavy bags, suitcases, and backpacks can become a real nightmare for travelers. They make it difficult to visit museums, enjoy a good meal in a restaurant and even stroll through the Old Town. RadicalB is designed to solve the problem related to heavy bags and it guarantees luggage storage locations in Düsseldorf, even near the train station (Düsseldorf HBF).

    Flat rate

    You don't need to worry because our service is easy and affordable! Our partners are trustworthy businesses near the city's main attractions and crucial transit nodes. Booking an Angel is simple! Just open the app (or visit the website), choose a date and a time and select a payment method (credit card or Paypal). Drop-off only takes 3 minutes and pick.up is a breeze! Each Angel costs daily €5per piece of luggage without any additional fee.

    Düsseldorf is much more than a business hub

    Although the classic tourist usually chooses to visit Berlin, Munich or Hamburg, even Düsseldorf has its motivations! This modern city is business-oriented! Banks, financial centers, modern buildings, and trendy shopping malls make it one of the richest and most fashionable German cities. Strolling through the streets of Düsseldorf means immersing yourself in a unique and modern atmosphere where everyone will find something interesting!

    Germany’s art capital

    Even in a hyper-modern city like this, the past is still alive and shows a rich cultural and artistic heritage. By the way, Düsseldorf is considered the German capital of arts. That's because before the fall of the wall, all the most important artists lived right here.
    To celebrate its museums and galleries, an event called Art Düsseldorf takes place in the city in November. This festival attracts enthusiasts from all over the world and allows young newcomers to show off their work.