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    Luggage Storage Cremona

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      Cremona Railway Station

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      Cremona Cathedral

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      Museo Del Violino

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    Try our luggage storage spots in Cremona

    Exploring Cremona is easy with Radical! Our partners will allow you to store your luggage in a locked or supervised location. Our Angels (that's what we call our partners), in fact, are trustworthy local companies that have been carefully chosen by our attentive staff! With us, you can store all kinds of luggage, such as heavy bags, backpacks, instruments' cases and much more. What makes us special is our unbeatable price: €5 a day, per bag! There are no additional fees or extra costs!

    How to reserve a place between our Angels

    Storing a bag with a Radical's Angel is easy and takes only a few seconds! Enable geolocation and pick the nearest Angel!
    We won't show you the address on the webpage for security reasons but you will know all the details of the booking after the payment!
    If you need further information, feel free to contact our customer service through our live chat! We will answer 24/7.

    How to spend 1 day in Cremona

    If you are planning a day-trip while in Milan, Cremona offers you a lot to see and do! While there, the first attraction you must visit is the wonderful Cathedral which is one of the most relevant examples of Romanesque art in Europe. Inside the Cathedral, you will admire wonderful frescoes, a wooden choir, and a magnificent altar cross made of silver and gold. You can also reach the top of the bell tower by climbing more than 500 steps. This tower is considered the tallest premodern building in Italy. To enter this amazing church you have to buy a €5 ticket!

    Museum of the Violin

    This place will be a paradise for those who love arts and music! Here you will learn a lot about this romantic sting instrument and discover the story of the most famous violin makers, such as Amati, Stradivari, and Guarneri. You will see historical instruments and the tools used to make them. Moreover, in the Museum a lot of events happen every week so you will be spoilt for choices! You'll find this attraction right in the city center, not far from Teatro Ponchielli and Loggia dei Militi, a palace dating back to the end of 1200.