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€ 5 сумка/день
€ 5 сумка/день
Камера хранения Центр Павии

Камера хранения Центр Павии

область Центр Города

В центре города
240 метров от собора Павии

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Are you looking for luggage storage in Pavia?

Have you just flown into town on business, but there is no time to check into your hotel before your meeting? It will be hard to drag your luggage along. For these reasons and more, you may want to take advantage of a new service that could simplify your travel day and allow you to focus on the business at hand rather than keeping track of your bags. That’s why Radical was created! We keep in mind all your needs.

Booking a reservation

Making arrangements for your bags is simple and straightforward. No need to call weeks in advance - even a few minutes ahead is adequate for most locations. A mandatory online booking process takes only three minutes, and payment will be made at that time through a credit card or PayPal account. Also, we have a very affordable price: only €5 per day per bag. There is no need to stand in line and additional fees. Safe and secure luggage storage in Pavia could not be more accessible!

Things to do in Pavia, Italy

Pavia is settled close to Milan, Italy. It is mostly known for the Charterhouse of Pavia. It’s Renaissance monastic complex with sculptures and frescoes, located north of the city. Another highlight of Pavia is the Duomo dome, the third-largest in Italy. Furthermore, Da Vinci and Bramante had contributed to design some details of the project. This amazing Cathedral is high and majestic and can be seen from almost every corner of the Downtown Get rid of your bulky suitcase and enjoy your day hand-free!

Pavia as a university town

The city is particularly well-known for its ancient University, the second oldest in Italy. It was built in the 14th century, and it houses the University History Museum, which exhibits scientific and medical equipment dating back to the Middle Ages. The university also has a botanical garden with medicinal plants and beautiful roses. It’s believed Christopher Columbus attended the university and many other famous students.