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    Luggage storage Zakynthos | The most recommended service

    Visiting Zakynthos is an incredible experience, but if you have too many suitcases with you, you’d better find a luggage storage solution soon.
    Not all storage facilities are the same. Some have hourly rates, others little space, others long lines.
    However, unlike any other, there is one service that allows you to store your luggage in Zakynthos at a fixed rate, within minutes and without restrictions.
    This service is called Radical Storage and offers all users of its platforms a unique and secure experience.
    All of Radical Storage's storage facilities are well connected to the airport, major monuments, and famous attractions.
    Booking is straightforward, check-in and check-out are quick, and you have customer service that you can contact 24/7.

    Left luggage Zakynthos | Price

    As we said, Radical Storage has a fixed rate of €5 per day and does not charge any additional fees.
    You can leave any luggage at our partners, from hiking backpacks to musical instrument cases.
    You can find us inside restaurants, stores, hotels, or bike rental points.
    Not all local businesses can enter Radical Storage's network, only the best ones.
    Our staff, in fact, verifies with great care our Angels (yes, that's what we call the owners of our storage locations!).
    Check the opening hours, reserve your place through the app or the site, and find out what our partners have to offer! They could have good discounts on products and services.
    With Radical Storage, you are free to walk the streets of the world without hindrance!

    Things to do in Zakynthos (or Zante)

    The island on which the goddess Venus was born is a wonderful place that gives its tourists unforgettable moments.
    Its golden beaches, crystal clear sea, and unspoiled nature will remain forever in the heart of the visitor.
    Zakynthos can be reached by plane or by ferry, from the main cities of Europe.
    The area of Zakynthos most loved by tourists is certainly Laganas, a coastal resort with many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

    Must-see places

    Once in Zakynthos, there are some places you absolutely must visit. One of them is Navagio Beach or Shipwreck Beach, listed among the most beautiful beaches in the world.
    Although less famous than the Blue Grotto of Capri, the Blue Caves of Zakynthos are definitely one of the island's symbols. You can reach them by boat either from Makris Gialos or from the port of Agios Nikolaos.
    Finally, we would like to invite you to try the local cuisine of the island, characterized by unique dishes with fresh fish and aromatic herbs!
    So, search for the place that meets your needs book our luggage storage for a few hours or the whole day and enjoy your time to the fullest!
    Come on! Book luggage storage now and make your stay in Zakynthos a memorable experience!