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    Luggage Storage Zagreb

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      Zagreb Central Station

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      Ban Josip Jelačić

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      Zagreb City Center

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      Zagreb British Square

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      12:00 - 21:00
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      Radnička Cesta

      09:00 - 18:00
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      07:00 - 19:00
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      Vlaška Street

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    A great service in Zagreb

    If you are looking for a luggage storage in Zagreb, don't forget to download Radical app. Our useful service is dedicated to those who don't want to carry their bags, but want to spend their free time in the best way. You know how boring is to drag a suitcase from one part of a city to another. To solve this problem you can leave all your belongings at our Angels. An Angel is a local business who partners with us. It can be a hotel, a grocery or an ice cream parlor. Our staff will take care of your things and store them in a very secure location.

    About prices

    Because everyone like sparing money, being aware of the cost of a service is important. Well, we inform you that Radical is very cheap! In Europe, we have a fixed rate. You will pay only €5 per day pro bag. Yes, we know that it seems impossible, but it's true. Furthermore, our partners are verified and trustworthy. Don't worry, everything is safe!

    3 things you should do while in Zagreb

    Crotia is wonderful, especially for its fascinating parks and the wonderful monuments. If you like walking in nature, don't forget to visit the Maksimir Park,18 hectares of peaceful places easily accessible by tram. Very intriguing is also the Museum of Broken Relationships, a place in which you can explore memories and objects that testify the end of love. The collection is made of donations from all around the world.

    Dolac Market

    The third suggestion is perfect for people who love outdoor activities: the Dolac Market. This market hosts sellers from all over Croatia and is located in the heart of the city. From the end of November, you will also find a nice Christmas Market. Before going back to the Zagreb Airport, don't forget to leave your bags with Radical and keep on discovering these charming city.