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    Reach your Radical luggage storage in Yerevan!

    Radical is a luggage storage network that offers safe and accessible luggage storage all across the globe and now even in Yerevan! Each of our partners is verified to make sure it meets our needs. You can find Radical in different types of businesses, from restaurants and cafes to bike rental and hotels.

    Reserving a Radical is a piece of cake!

    Our service is very easy to use! You can book left luggage at any time! All you need is a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. You can find the perfect location by scrolling down the list of deposits or simply activate geolocation so our system can show you the nearest Angel to your current location. Like our system, our price is just as convenient: 2700 DRAM per day - per piece of luggage.

    A cultural center

    From beautiful pink buildings to deep-rooted and proud culture and delicious food, the Armenian capital city will leave you speechless! If you are there, please don't forget visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial&Museum, where you will learn a lot about the history of this population. But if you want to know more about this area, you can also go exploring one of the several archaeological sites situated all over the city. Even if Yerevan has a good metro system, know that taking a taxis are really cheap!

    Yerevan is vibrant too!

    Don't let the old buildings fool you because Yerevan can offer much more than that! The city's main entertainment venue is the Yerevan Opera Theatre where you can watch exciting concerts and performances. You can also reach the Hrazdan Stadium and have fun watching a football game. Let's not forget the nightlife as you can find many cozy bars and pubs where you can let yourself go and have the time of your life.