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    Visiting Vico del Gargano in Apulia might be the best decision in your trip, because the beauty that you can find in this amazing city. But in order to fully enjoy it, you need to leave first one of your suitcases in the luggage storage in Vico del Gargano by Radical Storage, so you don’t have to deal with them, while having fun on your trip.

    Thanks to our secure collaborators, chosen between the local businesses, for only €5 per day, you can safely store your bags, while enjoying your vacation.With an additional small fee of €1.75, you can also obtain a security coverage of up to €3000, so that your can not worry about your luggage. If you happen to have any sort of inconvenience, our support team online will always be ready to help you in any situation.

    Vico del Gargano luggage storage | Radical Storage

    The booking process behind a luggage storage is really easy: firstly, you need to hop on our website or Radical app. Then, you simply need to choose one of our Angels, that will take care of your suitcases on the interactive map on the website. Once you would have done that, the booking will be already done and you can have fun, while we will take care of your belongings.

    Vico del Gargano | Useful information

    To reach Vico del Gargano, a town located in the Apulia region of Italy, there are a few options available. If flying in, the nearest airports include Bari or Foggia. From there, one can take a taxi or rent a car to reach Vico del Gargano. Alternatively, if arriving by train, the nearest train station is in Foggia, followed by a bus or taxi ride to the town. For those driving, Vico del Gargano is accessible via the A14 motorway, with clear signs directing towards the town.

    What to visit in Vico del Gargano?

    Vico del Gargano is a charming town located in the Gargano Peninsula, in Italy. The town offers a variety of activities to do and places to explore. One of the must-visit attractions is the historical center, with its narrow streets and beautiful squares. Visitors can also take a walk to the ancient Norman-Swabian Castle, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. The nearby beaches are perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

    Nature lovers will enjoy hiking in the nearby Foresta Umbra or exploring the caves of Grotta San Michele. Additionally, tasting local delicacies in the traditional restaurants is a must-do experience.