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    As you have just arrived in Valbonne, you won’t have time to wait around for your preferred accommodation to open and let you check-in, especially to just leave your heavy luggage. You probably would like to explore the city and take full advantage of your time here. But the problem of your luggage is still here: where to store them safely?
    You can choose Radical Storage and find the right solution for you. In the city center of the city, you can find out that we have some of our Radical partners available just for you. The only thing you have to do is book them and, as easy as this, you could store them and it’s done! Your problem will be fixed and finally, your trip to Valbonne can start in total relax!


    You can check our Radical app or our website, in order to find many of our Angels, our Radical partners, dotted around the city center. The process is as easy as it looks: you simply have to check the one which is more suited to your necessities, book it and finally you can leave your luggage in safe hands. Our service also offers a fixed fee per bag, so there are no fees applied to your service, no matter luggage exceeding dimensions or weight limit. If you need any support, you should contact our customer service by the live chat support.


    Valbonne is a small, but very picturesque city, nearby Nice, in the region Cote d’Azur in France. The name itself means ‘the good valley’ and it fully represents the beautiful aura and natural landscape that this city offers. Valbonne has been first founded during the Middle Ages and therefore, you can find countless evidence of this through its streets, thanks to its imposing and charming architecture, which makes you travel back in time.


    Although the city might be small, it has many different attractions and beautiful landmarks to offer: while walking through its historical center, you may see the actual ancient walls and structure of the Middle Age village that has been constructed centuries ago. You will be able not only to enjoy the wonderful setting that surrounds the city, but also travel back in time and discover the beautiful Valdonne in a whole new light.
    One of the must-see attractions that the city can offer is certainly the Abbey-church in Romanesque style, that has been built in the 13th century, for the Benedectine monks of the Order of Chalais. Not only the Church is a perfect example of the Ancient architecture style of that time, but it also has been so well-preserved that, nowadays, it hosts the Heritage Museum "Le Vieux Valbonne", full of historical evidence of the ancient village.