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    Luggage Storage Terni

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    Luggage storage Terni | How does it work

    Want to visit Terni hands-free? We provide several reliable luggage storage options throughout the city. You don’t need to browse for hours or look for a place around the streets where to store your bags. Radical Storage offers a trustworthy and affordable luggage storage service all around the world.
    We establish partnerships with local businesses, such as restaurants, shops, or bars, that are available to store bags.
    You don't have to worry about security because all of our storage facilities have been previously thoroughly selected and verified.
    The fast and simple online booking process allows you to find and easily book a storage place near you. Also, the QR code system will save you time at luggage drop-off and pick-up. 

    Luggage storage Terni | Daily rate

    Our revolutionary service costs €5 per item/day. This is a much lower rate compared to traditional luggage storage facilities, for example at train stations or airports. The rate includes allows you to drop off a bag of any size or weight and it includes a guarantee for each piece of luggage.
    All you have to do is book your storage space, discover the exact locations, and get rid of your heavy suitcase! In case of need, our multilingual customer service is available 24 hours a day.


    Things to see in Terni

    Terni is a charming city crossed by the river Nera and located in the southern part of Umbria in central Italy. It's an important industrial city and a great tourist destination. Terni preserves a significant part of its historic architecture and is home to some beautiful buildings such as the Basilica of San Valentino and the Cathedral of Terni. The city also provides excellent connections with other major cities, such as Rome, Florence, etc.
    The best activity to do in the city is to simply wander through its Old Town and enjoy the gorgeous architecture and historical buildings.

    Best locations outside Terni

    Terni benefits from its wonderful location in the Umbrian countryside offering a variety of attractions such as national parks and areas of natural beauty like the Nera River Park and Piediluco Lake.
    Marmore Falls is one of the most beautiful and famous outdoor attractions near Terni. Located in the Parco Fluviale del Nera, these artificial waterfalls were created by the Romans in ancient times and represent the highest artificial waterfalls in the world.