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    Luggage Storage in Tbilisi with Radical Storage

    The sunny capital of Georgia - Tbilisi. Anyone who visited Georgia once cannot help but return repeatedly! This land invites endless exploration, tempting palates and serenading souls — it's a journey one can never truly complete. Whether you're revisiting Tbilisi or setting foot here for the first time, ensuring reliable luggage storage in Tbilisi should be a top priority. That's where Radical Storage comes in.

    Thanks to our loyal partnerships with local businesses, we offer numerous convenient luggage storage spots throughout Tbilisi. Store your bags with us at only €5 per day for each item, without any limitations on weight or size. Plus, for a nominal fee, we offer enhanced security, guaranteeing up to €3000 for each bag's safety. Enjoy peace of mind with our efficient 24/7 online customer assistance. We aim to make your Tbilisi experience truly memorable.

    With Radical Storage, reserving a spot for your belongings is just a few clicks away. Get our intuitive mobile app or book storage for your bags on our website now. Let us make your Tbilisi journey both seamless and unforgettable!

    About Tbilisi, Georgia

    Situated along the banks of the Mtkvari River (also known as Kura River), Tbilisi, one of Europe's oldest capitals, serves as the vibrant heart of Georgia's cultural, political, and economic spheres. Tbilisi allows you to make a magnificent time leap to the past: you will reach Tbilisi Old Town after you cross Kura River. Old Tbilisi is comprised of old, sagging buildings, roofs and cracked cement. This ancient section, constructed during the early Middle Ages, beckons travelers with its iconic sites, notably the colorful 17th-century domed baths fed by naturally hot sulfur waters. Legend has it that these waters inspired King Vakhtang Gorgasali to establish the city.

    Beyond its historical allure, the sheer number of stunning churches and cathedrals in Tbilisi is absolutely mind-boggling. As visitors meander through Old Tbilisi's cobblestoned pathways, they encounter an array of Georgian Orthodox, Armenian, and Catholic churches, alongside a mosque and two synagogues.

    The city's multifaceted public transportation system, inclusive of the Tbilisi metro and the renowned Tbilisi funicular, ensures efficient commuting for locals and tourists alike. For those keen on exploring beyond, options like traveling from Tbilisi to Batumi by train – the journey will take only a few hours. As night falls, Tbilisi nightlife shines, promising unforgettable experiences. Moreover, with Tbilisi's strategic central location in Georgia, destinations like Tusheti are merely hours away by car. Whether it's soaking in the city's ancient heritage or indulging in modern delights, Tbilisi offers an unmatched blend of experiences.

    How to get from the airport to the Tbilisi city center?

    If you're landing in Georgia from abroad, you'll likely arrive at Tbilisi Airport (Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport). From Tbilisi airport, there are several convenient ways to reach the city center. The bus #37 operates 24/7, linking the airport to central locations like Avlabari metro station, Tbilisi Freedom Square, and Rustaveli Station Tbilisi, with tickets priced at a modest 0.50 lari, purchasable onboard. Alternatively, there's a direct train from the airport to Tbilisi's main station, but it only runs at 8.45 am and 6.05 pm. For a direct route, taxis are available at the airport, and while fares to the city center generally don't exceed 30 GEL, it's good practice to agree on a price beforehand. Also, if you have internet connectivity, Yandex Taxi, akin to Uber, is a popular local option in several post-USSR countries.

    What are the top things to do in Tbilisi?

    Wondering what are the top things to do in Tbilisi? Here is a short guide from Radical Storage to the top activities to do in the city:

    Get lost in Old Tbilisi:
    Dive into the city's rich history by wandering the narrow streets of its historic heart. Explore ancient churches, colorful traditional houses with wooden balconies, and the famous sulfur baths.

    Visit the Narikala Fortress:
    This ancient fortress stands majestically over Tbilisi and offers a panoramic view of the city. You can hike up to the fortress or take the cable car from Rike Park.

    Ride the Tbilisi Funicular:
    Head up to Mtatsminda Park via the funicular, enjoying breathtaking views along the way. Once at the top, indulge in local food, recreational activities, and admire the city from above.

    Enjoy the Sulfur Baths:
    Tbilisi, named after the term "hot place," is renowned for its hot springs. Located in the Abanotubani district of the old town, these sulfur baths offer a rejuvenating experience, ideal for relaxing after exploring the city, especially in the colder months.

    Embrace Tbilisi's Nightlife:
    From vibrant bars and clubs to traditional Georgian performances, the city comes alive at night. Dive into local flavors, music, and dance to get a true feel of the city's energy.