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    Luggage Storage Syracuse

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    • Cafe

      Syracuse Railway Station

      Open 24 hours
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    • Office

      Fountain Of Diana

      09:00 - 22:00
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      Syracuse Bus Station

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      Syracuse Train Station

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      Porta Spagnola

      10:00 - 13:00
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      Via Agatocle

    • Cafe

      Viale Diaz

    • Office

      Temple Of Apollo

      08:00 - 20:00
    • Office

      Statua Di Archimede

      09:00 - 00:00
    • Local company

      Via Cairoli

      09:00 - 23:00



    Your luggage storage in Syracuse, the city of mythology

    Explore the city of the Greek myths without dragging heavy luggage or backpacks, use Radical! This wonderful corner of Sicily must be visited stress-free!
    By leaving your belongings in our luggage storage, you can continue to discover Syracuse in an easier way. Radical is not a luxury, because it costs € 5 per day! There are no limits to the total weight or the size of your bag.

    How do I book a Radical?

    Reserving a place for your luggage with Radical is very simple! Find the Angel closest to you, choose the date and time on the form of our website or download the app. Now you just have to book and reach our partner. You will find us in easily reachable and strategic places (for example near main stations, airports, bus or metro stops).

    Syracuse is a dream

    Syracuse is jewel overlooking the Ionian Sea and is considered the city of myth for its Magna Graecia past. Its historical-artistic importance fits perfectly with the architectural elegance that decorates the old town and some suburbs. In Syracuse, some of the most important cultural figures of the classical past were born, among which the famous mathematician Archimedes

    Archaeological Park of Neapolis

    This park, located in the district of the Neapolis of Syracuse, is an area rich in archaeological finds belonging to different historical periods. Due to the great importance of the monuments, this park is considered one of the most famous archaeological areas of the island, as well as among the largest in the Mediterranean.