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    Luggage storage in Sarajevo

    Most travelers often find themselves with heavy suitcases to carry around, especially after checking out of the Airbnb. How to solve this problem? It's simple! Nowadays, you can leave your belongings with the Radical team! We work with public companies such as hotels, restaurants or shops that use free spaces within their businesses as luggage storage locations. In this way, you can walk around the city lightheartedly.

    How to book a Radical in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    We made sure that our online booking is accessible to everyone and can be completed soon. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. Go to the site and check the list of luggage storage locations. Choose the closest one (enabling geolocation will speed up the process) and reach it in no time! Radical is a low-cost service with a fixed rate of €5 per bag at no extra cost. The rate is valid until midnight on the current day.

    A new city

    One of the most popular elements of Sarajevo is its past, though it's often very dark. RIght here, as you know, the event that sparked the First World War took place. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on Sarajevo's Latin Bridge. The city then experienced on his skin a more regent, long and painful war that marked the memory of the whole world. Nowadays, Sarajevo is told by its museums and the famous Tunnel (also called the Tunnel of War or Tunnel of Salvation). It was a passage that in the years of the Balkan War opened to the population a safe connection with the rest of Europe.

    Things to do in the city

    Let's forget for a while the past and enjoy the positive side of the city. A popular place among tourists is the Old Bazaar (Turkish: Baščaršija), considered the cultural center of Sarajevo. There you can find popular landmarks and monuments, such as the Old Synagogue, the Emperor's Mosque and the Old Church. If you don't like museums and places of worship, Sarajevo has tasty restaurants and shops with very competitive prices.