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    Luggage Storage San Sebastián

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      Zurriola Beach

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      Donostia-san Sebastián Train Station

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    San Sebastián


    Luggage Storage in San Sebastián

    Are you looking for a convenient way to store your luggage? If you need to store your bags temporarily, Radical Storage has thousands of storage options in more than 350 cities, including San Sebastián. With 7-day online support, and easy access to thousands of facilities located in local businesses, we replace the burden that traditional storage options place on you.

    How to book with Radical Storage

    Storing your luggage with Radical Storage is fast and simple. You can search for it in your area by enabling geolocation or type in a specific place. When you're ready to book, you'll be able to it in a few clicks. Our great customer service team can help you with all your needs in an easy, friendly way. When you reach the location, you just have to show your QR codee and you'll be free of heavy bags!


    All about San Sebastián

    San Sebastián is a resort town on the Bay of Biscay in northern Spain's Basque Country region. Along its famous beaches, Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondarreta, you'll find unique Spanish architecture and world-famous restaurants. Just 3 hours from Madrid and 1 hour from Bilbao, it has become a year-round destination known for its hillsides, beaches and spectacular sunsets.

    San Sebastián Parte Vieja

    San Sebastián has a modern and stylish architecture and many green spaces making it a great place to visit. In the cobblestone old town (Parte Vieja), you can find upscale stores and lively bars offering traditional dishes, along with local wines. If you are looking for a morning walk by the beach, a stroll through a medieval old town, a fun-filled afternoon in your favorite bar, or a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant, San Sebastián has something for everyone!