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    San Miguel de Tucumán


    Looking for reliable luggage storage in San Miguel de Tucumán? Look no further. Radical Storage offers a seamless and budget-friendly answer to your luggage concerns. Our friendly Angels are strategically located across the city, providing a secure sanctuary for your belongings while you explore the wonders of San Miguel de Tucumán.

    Where can I leave my bags in San Miguel de Tucumán?

    You can effortlessly leave your items with us for just $5 per day per bag, and we even provide you with the added peace of mind of a security guarantee of up to $3000 on each stored item. So, forget about lugging around your bags and fully immerse yourself in the historical sights, gems and unforgettable wonders that San Miguel de Tucumán has to offer. Radical Storage is here to ensure your visit is hassle-free and luggage-free.

    Learn more about San Miguel de Tucumán

    San Miguel de Tucumán, located in the heart of Argentina, calls travelers to discover its captivating blend of culture and natural beauty. This vibrant city is famous for its pivotal role in Argentina's history - it was here that the country's independence was declared. Explore the city's historic landmarks, like the Casa de Tucumán, and immerse yourself in the local culture by sampling delicious empanadas and enjoying the rhythmic beats of traditional folk music.

    Beyond the city, connect with nature and discover the stunning landscapes of the Tucumán province, from lush mountains to hidden waterfalls. San Miguel de Tucumán promises you a truly authentic Argentinian experience that will leave you enchanted.

    How to get to San Miguel de Tucumán

    There are multiple travel options to help you get to San Miguel de Tucumán. If you're arriving by air, you can book a flight to the nearby Benjamín Matienzo International Airport, which serves as the main gateway to the city. Several domestic airlines operate regular flights to and from Tucumán, connecting it to major cities like Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

    Or, if you’d prefer the scenic route, Argentina boasts an extensive and reliable bus network that provides comfortable and affordable long-distance options, with direct routes to San Miguel de Tucumán from various cities across the country. Whether you're flying or enjoying a leisurely bus journey, you'll find your way to this charming Argentinian city an adventure in itself.

    Things to do in San Miguel de Tucumán

    If you’ve arrived off a long bus journey or a long haul flight and you have some time to kill before you check in to your accommodation, leave your bags at luggage storage in San Miguel de Tucumán provided by Radical Storage and discover the top things to do in the city:

    Explore the historic Casa de Tucumán. Where Argentina's Declaration of Independence was signed in 1816. This beautifully preserved colonial house offers an immersive journey into the country's past. You can tour the rooms where the crucial decisions were made, gaining insight into Argentina's fight for independence.

    Stroll through San Martín Park. This vast green space in the heart of the city offers a serene escape with lush gardens, walking trails, and a tranquil lake, making it the ideal spot for a picnic on a relaxing afternoon.

    Feast on lovingly-made empanadas. San Miguel de Tucumán is renowned for its delicious empanadas, savory pastries filled with various ingredients. Don't miss the opportunity to savor these local delicacies at one of the many empanaderías in the city. Each shop often has its own unique twist on these tasty treats, so be sure to try a variety of flavors to experience the full culinary range of Tucumán.