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    You have found the perfect luggage storage in Salzburg, it's Radical!

    Not all luggage storage are as safe as those of Radical, you know it very well! How many times have you given up on leaving your belongings inside lockers because you did not feel safe enough? Given that there was no alternative, you were condemned to carry your baggage the whole day. Now things have changed radically and with them also the way of traveling.!

    Your friendly Angels

    If you are in Salzburg for a few hours (for example, during a stopover) or if your Airbnb has greeted both you and your suitcases after check-out, take your phone and enter the site!
    Enabling geolocation we will show you where the Angel closest to you is! The cost of the service is really competitive: only € 5 a day per suitcase.

    Explore the city of music

    Salzburg means "salt fortress" and is certainly one of the most scenic cities in Austria (and Europe in general). Tourists cannot easily forget it, because it is rich in museums, churches, festivals, and events. The most interesting features, however, are its panoramas. In fact, the hills and the historic balconies offer visitors enchanting views that will remain on their mind forever.
    But Salzburg means classical music, too. Yes, because here was born one of the greatest composers of all time: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart is the symbol of the city, that’s why you will find him everywhere, on chocolates, souvenirs and even on t-shirts.

    What to see and do in Salzburg

    By the way, one of the most renowned destinations when visiting the city is the home of the Great Composer (in German: Mozarts Geburtshaus). The building is located in the old town on the Getreidegasse and can also be visited through a guided tour that will allow you to discover the childhood of the genius.
    If you love Gothic and Baroque architecture then you should also visit the Franziskanerkirche (the Franciscan church) located on the Franziskanergasse, not far from the Mozart House.