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    Luggage Storage Salisbury

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      Salisbury Cathedral

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      City Hall

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      Salisbury City Centre

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    Your comfortable luggage storage in Salisbury

    Visiting a new city is really exciting, but when you have luggage with you, you never feel completely relaxed. Radical understands this feeling very well, that’s why will solve your problem! Radical has created a useful service to provide travelers like you with safe places to store luggage. Each Radical Angel has been carefully checked in order to guarantee safety and friendliness.

    Luggage storage at a convenient price

    Lockers at railway stations can be quite expensive and not offer a really safe service. This is why you will love us! Our partners are local businesses situated in strategic locations. Your things are kept in a clean and spacious room and are supervised by a professional staff.
    Yes, it can be better than that, because we also have a very competitive price: Radical costs £ 5 a day at no extra cost.

    Welcome to Wiltshire

    The picturesque city of Salisbury has so many different attractions that you will never feel bored! You can find shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants where you can relax and eat some English delicacies.
    You can also reach one of the several museums and art galleries in the City Centre. For instance, the Salisbury Museum is a very interesting location where you can learn a lot about the city's history and culture.

    Explore the wonderful Salisbury Cathedral

    Salisbury is full of hidden gems and wonderful historic sites, but surely the most popular attraction is the Cathedral. This enormous Gothic complex was built in the Middle Ages and has one of the tallest spires in the United Kingdom.
    Another famous destination, located 13 km from the city centre is Stonehenge, a prehistoric stone circle built almost 5,000 years ago and listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In 2018 Stonehenge received one million visitors!