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    Luggage Storage Rijeka

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      Rijeka City Center

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      Rijeka Bus Station

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      City Clock Tower

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      Sablićevo Beach

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    Your low-cost luggage storage in Rijeka

    Traveling through Croatia for pleasure can be a very exciting experience. But where can you leave your baggage in case the hotel where you stayed doesn’t allow you to store them after the check-out? It would be great to find a place close to the main station or the airport in order to deposit your bags and be free again. This is not just a dream, now it is possible. How? Thanks to Radical the first luggage storage network.

    Our guardian Angels will look after your baggage belongings

    Radical was born in Italy and now is spread all over the world. How does this service work? It’s simple! Find your luggage storage, book it and reach our partner’s business. We always choose businesses located in strategic places to optimize your time. The check-in process takes just 3 minutes. Stop standing in line for hours waiting to store your bags, use Radical!

    Dobrodošli u Rijekue (Welcome to Rijeka)!

    Rijeka is a Croatian port city located on Kvarner Gulf, in the northern Adriatic Sea. Rijeka people speak Croatian, but also a dialect called Fiuman (that comes from Venetian dialect). In addition, there a lot of people who speak Italian as well. The city is full of wonderful attractions and interesting monuments. If you have chosen Rijeka for your holiday, congratulations! You are about to visit a special place!

    The International Carnival Parade

    Maybe you didn’t know it, but Rijeka is famous for its Carnival (Croatian: Riječki Karneval). Every year before Carnival, there are plenty of events dedicated to this festive season. Rijeka started to organize this event in 1982 and it’s considered as the biggest carnival in the nation. The goal of Rijeka Carnival is to carry on the Croatian masking tradition.