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    Luggage Storage Przemyśl

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      Przemyśl Train Station

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    A comfortable service in Przemyśl

    Want to discover Przemysl without the burden of your suitcases? Radical offers you a new way of getting around the city without luggage! Our luggage storage network in Przemyśl, in fact, gives you the opportunity to get rid of your undesired bags and explore the city hands-free. Our team works hard every day to guarantee our users an impeccable service. We partner up with professional local businesses, such as bars, bike rentals, and hotels.

    Affordable price

    Reserving a place for your bags is easy! Just enter the website or download the dedicated app (available on your Android or iOS devices) and enable geolocation.
    The system will find the closest luggage storage spot. Click on the button ‘Book Now’ and go! Check-in lasts 3 minutes and pick-up is immediate! We don't apply any size or weight restriction.

    Poland to discover ... and to taste!

    Welcome to Przemyśl, a fascinating city that will surely catch you! Before planning your itinerary, find out which dishes you should not miss! First, the Polish bread! Warm, fragrant and delicious, you can bin the best bakeries. Don't forget to try the crispy apple pancakes, rachuchy or babka.

    Top 5 Attractions in Przemyśl

    If you want to explore a charming location, don’t forget to go to Przemyśl’s Old Town, where you can see many monuments, eat traditional dishes or simply drink a fresh beer. Do you like walking in nature? The Arboretum Bolestraszyce is the place you were looking for. And if you are interested in history, at the Przemysl Fortress you can book amazing tours. For those who love to explore underground cities, a tour along the Underground of Przemysl will fascinate you!