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    Luggage Storage Pristina

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    Store your luggage with Radical!

    If you need a luggage storage location while visiting Pristina, keep this name in mind: Radical. We do not operate in the same way as traditional left luggage, but we have entered into partnerships with safe and verified local companies. Our partners will store your personal belongings for a whole day, so you can dedicate yourself to the activities you like best! You can try Radical even if you don't know where to leave your bags after checking out the hotel.


    If you think this service is expensive, you're wrong! Radical, on the contrary, has a fixed price: €5 per day/item of luggage. At our points, there are no queues, and check-in only takes a few minutes. We do not charge additional fees if you have a very heavy (or bulky) suitcase. You can leave everything from duffels to musical instrument cases. Your trip to Kosovo has never been so pleasant!

    Welcome to Pristina

    A fascinating area of Pristina is undoubtedly its Old Town in Middle Eastern style. In this area, you will find one of the most beautiful mosques in the whole country, the Fatih Mosque, a building with magnificent decorations and a well-kept garden. Not far from the mosque, you'll also find the Pristina Market (Bazaar), a lovely place where you can buy local products, souvenirs or clothing.

    Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

    Maybe it may seem unusual, but at the gates of the city, there's an area called Bear Sanctuary. Nowadays, 20 brown bears live freely and happily in this 15-hectare park. At the park, you'll find an educational center to which adults and children can access. Here you can learn a lot about the habits of this mammal and discover its history.