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    Discover Radical’s luggage storage locations in Playa del Carmen!

    If you want to store your luggage while visiting Playa del Carmen, Radical can help you! You find us in the City Center and other strategic locations! Our service is unique because it allows you to leave all kinds of luggage at reliable local companies, such as restaurants, hotels, shops, or offices. Our staff has carefully selected all the partners. Only the best companies join the Radical’s network.

    Fixed price

    Dropping off your luggage with our system is a piece of cake. All you need is an internet connection. You can type an address manually or enable the geolocation system. In a few seconds, the system will show you the nearest storage point to your current location or to the address you have chosen. You may think that such a convenient service is also expensive, but you are wrong! Radical costs only €5 per day/bag!.

    Welcome to the Riviera Maya!

    Playa del Carmen is a gem of the Maya Riviera, and it’s located between Tulum and Cancun. Until a few years ago, this place was populated only by a small fishing community, but nowadays, it has become the perfect destination for tourists from all over the world. Many Mexicans, moreover, have decided to move to Playa del Carmen because of the excellent climate and for all the job opportunities that this area offers.

    The Fifth Avenue

    The city develops along the Quinta Avenida (English Fifth Avenue), a street about 3 km long on which you will find shopping centers, shops, restaurants, and cafes. A few meters away from Fifth Avenue, there are also the most famous beaches in the city. The architectural style of Playa del Carmen is much more modest than that of Cancun or Mexico City since it still retains its original, more sober and modest features. All the buildings cannot exceed 13.5 meters in height.