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    Leave your luggage with Radical

    You have to leave your hotel in the morning. But the plane is in the evening. How to enjoy the last moments of vacation if you have a big bag? It's simple! You can use the Airbnb of your baggage: Radical! With a few clicks, you can find a comfortable location where to drop off your heavy luggage. And what about the price? It's affordable! Just A$8 a day per bag.

    About our Angels

    Radical Angels can also offer additional services, such as printing your travel documents, providing customers with a comfortable airport transfer or renting bicycles. All the Angels are carefully verified by our team to assure you the best experience ever! You can book your favorite Angel in no time! Enable geolocation on your device, find the closest Angel, proceed with the booking and check your mailbox. We will send you all the details you need about your favorite Radical point.

    Things to do in Perth

    Perth boasts porcelain white sand beaches, wonderful botanical gardens, a sapphire blue ocean and a tasty wine to try! In Australia's sunniest capital city, there are plenty of things to do and see! Its heart is also home to Kings Park - one of the world's largest inner-city green areas. The city is also full of cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and cultural spaces.

    Nature and wild life

    If you wish to walk in nature, in Perth, you can explore the beautiful Kings Park or the Botanical Gardens. The beaches also offer a lot of scenic and heritage walking trails. From life on the seabed to the kangaroos, in Perth, there are a series of unique natural encounters that will remain etched in your memory. Don't lose your time then! You have a lot to do, even during your last day in the city! Hurry up! Book your Radical now!