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    Luggage Storage Pattaya

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      Pattaya Beach

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    A comfortable luggage storage in Pattaya

    If you search for a useful service that gives you the chance to leave your baggage, Radical is exactly what you need. Radical has a huge luggage storage network all over the world, in Pattaya as well. We have a lot of partners called Angels. A Radical Angel can be a local shop, a hotel or a convenience store. It would be such a loss, if you have to spend your last day in Thailand dragging a weighty bag, reserve a place for your bundle with us and keep on enjoying your holiday.

    We allow you to drop your bags off in a trustworthy location

    All our Angels are local business verified and reliable. The staff is always there to help and give you all the information that you need. In order to provide an excellent service, please don't lose your receipt, because you need it at pick-up. We guarantee a safe payment system and a very convenient price. You can leave your bag paying only ฿175 per day. A Radical Angel will look after your belongings, putting them in a tidy and protected place.

    Places to visit in Pattaya

    Pattaya is the second most popular city in Thailand, after Bangkok, and it’s the perfect location if you like endless parties and huge, golden beaches. The city is considered a natural paradise where you can experience tropical beauties. If you like sports, here you can find everything you want: windsurfing, jet skiing, and sailing are only three of the myriad outdoor activities that you can do.

    The sanctuary of truth

    The sanctuary of truth is a religious building made entirely of wood and maybe the most important monument of the city. The complex is a hybrid between a palace and a temple and was commissioned by a tycoon to act as a location of appreciation for arts, philosophy, and faith. The sanctuary of truth is an iconic place for Buddhists.