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    Luggage Storage Parma

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      Parma Station

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      Ponte Di Mezzo

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      Basilica Di Santa Maria Della Steccata

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      Teatro Farnese

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    Your luggage storage in Parma

    Are you looking for a safe place to leave your luggage while visiting Parma? You have just found it! It's Radical, a luggage storage network with partners in every corner of the world. In Parma, you can find us near the Station. Radical is a convenient and affordable service that will allow you to experience a new way of traveling. We will make your days more pleasant and optimize your time. What are you waiting for then? Try one of our Angels!

    How the service works

    We decided to call our partners Angels since they are friendly and professional local companies. You will find us inside restaurants, shops or hotels that have chosen to take care of travelers' baggage! The service is simple to use. You can reserve a space for your luggage online and in a few seconds. The cost is one of the strengths of Radical: To meet the needs of all, in fact, we have established a fixed daily rate of 5 € per bag. This means that you don't have to worry about how much you spend or how many hours you leave your luggage.

    Tourist destination ...

    Parma preserves artworks and architectural treasures of great value. Among the monuments you should not miss, there are the Baptistery and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. The first is one of the most significant monuments of the transition from Romanesque to Gothic architecture. The latter is a medieval place of worship built after a terrible fire that destroyed the previous early Christian church. Here you will find Correggio's dome and frescoes by Lattanzio Gambara.

    ... and culinary

    Parma is a gastronomic paradise. It's Parmiggiano's hometown, the cheese that best represents the Italian culinary tradition. It's the mother of raw ham, one of the most delicious cold cuts in the world. Parmesan cheese and ham are only two of the great foods of Parma.
    Parma is the city with the largest number of recognized typical products, all of the highest quality.