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    Luggage Storage Papeete

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      Papeete Ferry Terminal

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      Papeete City Center

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    A safe place for your bags in Papetee

    It's easy to ruin the last day of your holiday, especially if you have to drag a heavy trolley for a few hours. It will prevent you from visiting museums, entering famous churches or going to points of interest that you have not seen yet. With Radical everything changes because we have secure luggage storage in Papeete! Our service is smart and allows you to store suitcases, bags, backpacks (and so on) at all the local businesses that work with us.

    A simple and convenient service

    Do you not know how Radical works? We'll explain it to you right away! Enter our website or download the app. Choose your nearest baggage storage (for example, you'll find one near the Ferry Terminal) and click on book now. There are no queues, neither at the entrance nor at the exit. The check-in process is quick and allows you to get rid of your luggage in no time at all. The price is competitive: only 600CFP per day per bag!

    Paradise islands

    French Polynesia is a paradise located in the middle of the ocean. It holds hidden treasures and offers visitors a different kind of adventure. Papeete (Tahiti) is one of the most popular destinations thanks to its transparent seas, beautiful tropical fish and the possibility to practice many water sports, such as snorkeling, surfing and so on. In Papeete, moreover, the French culinary tradition has merged with the local one. It created unique jubilation of flavors! On Tahiti island, you can enjoy an excellent French breakfast and many local dishes!

    Fautaua Valley

    Although one of the best ways to enjoy Tahiti is to lie down with a fresh cocktail in your hand while you sunbathe, on the island, there's much more than that!
    If you like trekking or if you are looking for an exciting adventure, you should visit the island during the rainy season. In this period, you will see the Fautaua waterfall. To reach this waterfall, you will have to walk a lot, and since the path is very tiring, it would be better to go there with a guide or a tourist group (you can also find them on the internet). If you decide to get there, don't forget to bring some insect repellent, it will be essential since there are a lot of mosquitoes near the waterfall!