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    Luggage storage in Novara

    Is it your first time in Novara – the hub of historical buildings, and you have no clue how to keep your luggage safe? Well, we have a solution that can solve your problem, it's called Radical Storage.
    Fortunately for you, we have diverse luggage storage locations at local businesses throughout the city where you can leave your bags while you look for a place to stay. Pick the nearest spot, drop off your luggage and let us do the rest.

    Secure luggage storage service

    Radical Storage makes sure your luggage is kept safe and supervised at our partner locations, where you can have easy access whenever you want. We have a professional team that handles all of your luggage storage bookings.
    You can leave your bags at our facilities for as many days or hours as you need as our 
    24/7 customer support is always there to assist you. Our job is to ensure you have a wonderful trip without a fuss about your heavy suitcases.

    About Novara, Italy

    Novara is a city with deep historical origins, located in the northwestern region of Italy. It spreads along the shore of the Agogna River, which is on the west of Milan.
    It dates back to the Roman era in the 5th century when it was founded by the renowned Julius Ceasar. Novara was ruled by Milan, Austria, and Savoy before it became the city it is today.

    Tourist attractions in Novara

    There is a lot to see and learn about in this glorious city. The most noteworthy attraction is the cathedral called Basilica di San Gaudenzio, which is a masterpiece of 19th-century architecture.
    For lovers of wildlife and nature, the 
    Museo di Storia Naturale "Faraggiana Ferrandi" is a perfect spot. There is also a magnificent theater with a large façade and crystal chandelier named Teatro Coccia.