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    Better than regular luggage lockers

    Traveling to a new city isn’t always easy and pleasant. For instance, trains usually arrive early in the morning leaving you many hours to walk around, dragging your suitcases, until your hotel room is ready. Sometimes, when you have the extra money to spare, you decide to rent luggage lockers at the train station. After paying the exorbitant fees, you immediately regret… Well, Radical is a little bit like Robin Hood. Let us explain! We like to give to our customers the best service we can at the lowest price possible (£5 per bag). So instead of wasting your money, why don’t you use Radical luggage storage at Nottingham Train Station?

    More than a luggage storage

    Unlike luggage lockers at the train station or the airport, our rate is for the entire day instead of being hourly. This way, you can take advantage of all the extra time you have left to explore what you haven’t seen yet. Radical is a luggage storage network with Angels located in every corner of the world. Our Angels, that’s how we call our partners, are local businesses like hotels, restaurants, cafés, bike rentals, etc. Each and everyone of them are verified by our team of professionals giving you the peace of mind you need to pursue your trip. You don’t know what to do in the neighborhood? Don’t worry, they can help you get around and suggest a few tips. They’re called Angels after all!

    Home of Robin Hood

    Nottingham isn’t just a regular city. In the contrary, it is the home of the legendary Robin Hood who took from the rich to give to the poor. If you are a fan of this legend, you won’t be disappointed in his town. The best way to learn about this man and his legend is by visiting the Sherwood Forest which has a lot of different trails and grand houses to visit along your exploration. If you really want an adventure, you should download the Sherwood Forest Adventurer’s Map! If you don’t feel like walking in the woods, there’s a great tour in town called Robin Hood Town Tour who have won several awards.

    What to do in Nottingham?

    If you aren’t a fan of Robin Hood, don’t worry. The city has more to offer than that! In fact, the city is known to host spectacular theatre venues such as the Nottingham Playhouse, Motorpoint Arena Nottingham and Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall. Before your visit, we recommend you to browse through shows available and reserve one. You can’t go without visiting one of the Nottingham Theatres. Before heading to your show, there is the Nottingham Contemporary that is worth the visit. It is one of the largest in England and it’s free entry.