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    Newport Beach luggage storage guide 2022

    Radical Storage is a network that will dramatically change your travel experience.
    By downloading our application (or visiting the website), you need to enable geolocation to find out which Angel is the closest to your current address.
    What’s an Angel? Ours are not traditional Angels with white robes, wings, and a halo, but local professionals who will take great care of your bags and guard them while you are away.
    Unlike luggage lockers, you will find friendly people always there to help you at our baggage storage places. So, you will never be faced with the problem of malfunctioning keys and doors that wwon'tclose! Sounds good, doesn't it?
    If you have always dreamed of a holiday or a business trip in which your luggage was just an extra thought, today your dream comes true. Forget about having weights on your shoulders, and return to walking hands-free with Radical Storage.

    Best luggage storage locations in Newport Beach

    Radical Storage offers all of its users a very convenient baggage storage option right in the heart of beautiful Newport Beach.
    This luggage storage facility is open daily, from early morning until late evening. This way, you can indulge in all your favorite activities without thinking about backpacks and other luggage.
    For example, you can enjoy a full day at the beach or on a boat without carrying unnecessary and heavy luggage. You can practice your favorite outdoor sport by having only a fanny pack for your cell phone and wallet!
    Why not? You can also leave your luggage with us and take a trip to Los Angeles, San Diego, or another coastal location.


    You probably think that such a useful service will cost you an arm and a leg! You are wrong! Our price is symbolic!
    All over the United States, we have a flat rate of $6 per day and per item!
    In general, traditional baggage storage costs are much higher, especially if you need to use it for the whole day. Our rate, however, does not change, and there are no additional costs to be paid.
    All of our luggage storage options apply a security guarantee to each suitcase left, so you can feel even more secure.
    At all of our bag storage locations, there are no lines! So you can drop off your luggage in a few minutes and collect it in the blink of an eye!
    We have included a chat feature on our website and app where you will always find a member of our customer service team at any time.

    How do I store luggage in Newport Beach with Radical?

    Booking luggage storage in Newport Beach with Radical Storage is so easy! You only need a device connected to the internet.
    You usually search your favorite search engine for words like luggage storage in Newport Beach or luggage storage near me, then scroll through the results, but you don't know which one to choose and waste your time.
    With our service, you can find a bag storage option very easily: download our luggage storage app (for iOS and Android Phones) or visit the online platform.
    You can either enter an address manually within the search bar or enable geolocation.
    We will show you all the nearby luggage storage solutions in a second and allow you to book the one you want online with a credit card or other secure payment method.
    After booking, we will reveal all our baggage storage details and show you how to get there in a few minutes.

    Things to do in Newport Beach

    Welcome to Orange County, CA! Newport Beach is a pearl nestled on the Pacific Ocean coast. IIt'sjust a few miles from Los Angeles and an hour's drive from San Diego.
    IIt'srenowned all over the planet for its spectacular beaches, coves, and several trails to explore.
    Beloved by those who surf, New Port Beach is a paradise for all passionate about water sports.


    If you have decided to visit California, why don't you do it during the Newport Beach Film Festival?
    From the beginning to the end of this event, you can watch hundreds of films and short films, listen to debates with the world's most famous filmmakers and meet your favorite actors.
    The mission of this Festival is to stimulate an interest in the study and appreciation of filmmaking.