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    Drop off your luggage before boarding

    If your ferry leaves in a few hours and you desire to visit Milazzo, why don’t you book one of our deposits? Radical allows you to leave your belongings for a few hours or the whole day within verified local businesses. We call our partners Angels for this reason! They are reliable and professional companies, always ready to take your luggage and store it with care!

    How much does it cost?

    Maybe you'd think that a service like this would cost a fortune! You're wrong! Radical is affordable and has a fixed daily rate. Yes, you read it right, a rate per day! For 5€ you will have the opportunity to get rid of your suitcase for an entire day! Don’t forget, however, to follow the operating hours of our partner’s business and ... have fun!

    Not just a port that leads to the Aeolian Islands

    If you are on holiday in Messina, it is worth planning a trip to Milazzo. Milazzo is not only the port that leads to Aeolian Islands, but a city rich in history, culture and art. Before taking the ferry, therefore, we recommend you visit the city center or a walk in the nature of Capo Milazzo, where you will find the Sanctuary of St. Anthony of Padua and the Venus Pool. In addition, don’t forget to book a restaurant as this area have tasty dishes and wines!

    Milazzo Castle

    The Castle is certainly the most popular and beloved attraction in the city. This fortified citadel is considered one of the most impressive castles in Europe (and the largest in Sicily).
    It is situated on a rocky spur that rises over the city, so it gives visitors breathtaking views! Inside you can book guided tours that will allow you to learn everything about the historical and architectural significance of the whole complex.