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    Your secure luggage storage in Malacca

    Are you wasting your time dragging a suitcase around? Are you serious? Do you know that you can get rid of it right now?! Radical is there for you! Our luggage storage service is smart and convenient!
    Stop wasting time and download our app or enter the website! Wherever you are, you'll find a partner of ours! They are inside hotels, convenience stores or restaurants!

    Try Radical!

    We provide you with an affordable service, in fact, storing a bag with us costs only RM25 a day, per bag! You can leave suitcases, bags, backpacks or cases, we don't apply any restrictions! Our team works hard day by day to assure customers the best service ever! All the local companies that signed a partnership with us are verified and trustworthy.

    Welcome to Malaysia

    Malacca, which was formerly called Malacca, is a port state in Western Malaysia, right by the mouth of Maleka River. Founded in the early fifteenth century, very soon it became an important trading hub.
    On July 7, 2008, the city was added by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites. Malacca can easily be explored on foot or by trishaw, a special three-wheels vehicle.

    Discover the Center

    A place not to be missed if you're here is definitely the Old City, where you'll find an eclectic mix of traditions, keepers and food. From an architectural point of view, the city is characterized by ancient, modern and ultra-modern elements that make it unique in the world.
    Alongside the urban landscape, you'll also find the natural views, such as those in Ayer Keroh.