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    Your trip is going smooth all around Sicily, and now it’s the turn to visit the charming city of Marsala, with all its wonderful attractions, but you’re tired from carrying your suitcases around. Take a break and leave them in one of the luggage storage options in Marsala by Radical Storage, so you can get your strength back for the trip.

    You can meet one of our wonderful Angels, the trustworthy local companies that will help you with the suitcases, and book them for €5 per day. If you spend just a small fee of €1.75, there will be a security coverage of up to €3000, so your luggage can be safe. For any other issue, you can contact our customer service team online, that will always be available for you.

    Marsala luggage storage | Radical Storage

    But how does it work? You simply have to visit our Radical app or website, where you will find the interactive map with all of our Angels and from there, you can choose and book whichever you would want. And just like that, you’ll already be able to use them!

    Marsala | Useful information

    Marsala is a beautiful town located on the western coast of Sicily. It is famous for its wine production and stunning sunsets. The train station in Marsala is a bustling hub, connecting the town to other cities in Sicily. It is a convenient way to explore the nearby attractions such as the ancient archaeological site of Mozia and the stunning beaches of the Egadi Islands. The train station offers modern facilities and easy access to the town's center. Overall, Marsala and its train station are a perfect combination for a memorable Sicilian adventure.

    What to visit in Marsala?

    Marsala is a beautiful city in western Sicily that has many sights to offer. One of the top attractions is the Stagnone Lagoon, a stunning natural reserve known for its salt pans and windmills. The Lagoon is also home to the ancient Phoenician island of Mozia, an archaeological gem worth exploring.

    Another must-see is the Marsala Cathedral, a striking example of Norman architecture with intricate mosaics. The historic center of Marsala is a maze of narrow streets, lined with colorful buildings and charming cafes. Don't miss the chance to visit one of the city's renowned wineries and sample the famous Marsala wine.