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    Luggage Storage Mantua

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    Luggage storage service in Mantua

    The luggage storage service in Mantua by Radical provides a quick and easy solution to get rid of backpacks, suitcases or trolley cases and return to walking hands-free! We partner up with local companies, such as hotels, restaurants or shops to offer our users a practical service. You can find us near the Station or the Ducal Palace!

    Competitive price

    Depositing a bag at our partners is simple and affordable. Why? You can drop off your suitcase for €5 per day, without any limitations or additional taxes. Our storage spots are safe and verified. Moreover, they have a schedule perfect for tourists (from morning until late at night).

    Gonzaga’s city

    Mantova has been listed by UNESCO among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its beautiful Renaissance-style Old Town. The city was forged by the Gonzaga family that for about four hundred years has outlined its historical, artistic and architectural profile. As you will have understood, once in the city, you will have a lot to see. Don't forget, however, to tour the wonderful Ducal Palace.

    A Renaissance colossus

    The Ducal Palace is considered one of the most prestigious cultural heritage in Italy and Europe. It is an architectural palimpsest of 35,000 square meters and consists of over 1,000 different rooms.
    The history of this building goes hand in hand with that of the Gonzaga family who elected it as their residence from 1328 to 1707. Nowadays the Ducal Palace boasts about 300,000 visitors every year!