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      Dragon Bridge

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      Ljubljana Train Station

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    Reach your luggage storage in Ljubljana

    Explore Ljubljana stress-free, try Radical! Our luggage storage spots are ideal if you want to leave your bags for a few hours or the whole day. Our service gives you the opportunity of getting rid of your bags, avoiding back pain or stress and saving money! All our luggage storage have a fixed rate of €5 per day, per piece of luggage. Don't miss the chance to explore Slovenia without thoughts and weight on your back! You will find us at strategic areas or hubs (for example in the Old Town).

    When and how to use Radical?

    Reserving a place for your suitcases with Radical is more than easy! All you have to do is connect to the website or open our app. You still don't have the Radical app? Download it in a few seconds! Choose the Angel closest to your current address and click on book now. The process is quick and will allow you to know the exact address of your Angel.

    Ljubljana in one day

    Some many sites and blogs suggest you which are the most popular attractions in Ljubljana, but if you only have one day, what to choose? Don't make a hasty decision, but take a few minutes to reflect before you start your short tour! If you haven't bought souvenirs to bring to your friends yet, then spend the day shopping at the Central Market. If you don't have to buy anything, choose a monument you haven't seen yet, such as St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Castle or Tivoli Park. Planning your day will help you optimize your time!

    Summer or winter?

    If you are in Ljubljana in the summer, don't forget to go to the beautiful Tivoli Park, a 510-hectares area where locals go to relax or just take a walk. Tivoli is located near the City Center, at the foot of the Roznikhill. The most famous site of this park is the Jakopič promenade that leads to the Castle directly. And if you are in Ljubljana during the coldest months, you should visit its beautiful Christmas markets or the Castle, a medieval building that will tell you the story of the city.