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    Limoges is a charming city that should be visited hassle-free! That's why we recommend you to use our luggage storage service! Radical Storage is the ideal solution if you want to get rid of suitcases, backpacks, duffel bags, or musical instruments and walk around the city without any worries. You can book the partner you prefer directly online, at a fixed rate & no extra charge.

    Smart service

    Are you ready to find out how Radical works? Keep reading! First of all, we tell you that we are different from traditional luggage storage offices because we are located at local activities, such as bars, shops, restaurants, hotels or agencies. Our price is daily, so very reasonable. Storing luggage with us costs only €5 all-inclusive. There are no queues or restrictions. It's easy, right?

    Don’t miss Limoges!

    A lot of people ask on Google' is Limoges worth a visit?'. To be honest, we have no idea why people keep asking for it since Limoges is a charming location! It boasts wonderful museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum Adrien Dubouché. The former is an exhibition located inside the 18th-century bishop's palace, with entire rooms dedicated to Renoir and Suzanne Veladou. The latter is home to an amazing ceramic collection.

    Évêché Gardens

    Limoges is renowned in the world for its production of fine porcelain manufactures and enamels on metal, but if you've had enough of history and museums and want to take a break in the fresh air, then you should go to Évêché Gardens! It's situated next to the Episcopal Museum and behind the Cathedral. It's composed of several terraces that house more than 5,000 rose bushes, many fountains, and ponds.