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    Luggage storage Lecco

    Radical Storage is a global luggage storage network that makes travel worry-free! Our secure storage options are located near major attractions in over 400 cities around the globe. This way, you can stop worrying about last-minute travel arrangements and spend more time sightseeing.
    Imagine a luggage storage service that lets you drop off your bags in a nearby hotel, shop, or restaurant. Well, with Radical Storage, it's possible, thanks to our reliable and verified local partners!

    How to book with Radical Storage

    Radical Storage offers a smart and effective way to store your luggage! Our easy-to-use app or website allows you to make a booking in just three minutes or less. It's easy to use and helps you save time. Also, online payment is fast and secure. Once you book your place, you'll receive a confirmation with the exact address of the storage facility.
    Whether you'll need to store your bags for a few hours or a week, we offer a flexible luggage storage service that will allow you to focus on what's really important.

    Lecco, Italy

    On the eastern branch of Lake Como, in Lombardy, there is a city that is a treasure trove of neoclassical beauty and nature, and we are talking about Lecco. The city of Lecco is a beautiful little treasure box of architecture and arts. Here, you will find breathtaking cathedrals, quaint piazzas, and fine restaurants that are a delight to the senses. Lecco is known as the "jewel of Lake Como", a place where you can relax in the idyllic setting.

    Things to do in Lecco

    The town of Lecco is an ideal location for a vacation in Northern Italy. From the peaceful streets to the stunning skyline and charming architecture, it boasts a unique charm that is unmatched.
    With Villa Manzoni museum and Palazzo delle Paure, Lecco stands as beautiful testimony to Italy's history and art.
    To best enjoy it breathtaking natural beauty, you can visit the Belvedere - Piano Valentini park.